All 13 episodes of "Orange is the New Black" will premiere on Netflix tomorrow (Thursday) night at 12AM Pacific Standard Time (3AM Eastern). There looks to be quite a bit more nudity than the previous Netflix series, and Laura Prepon has confirmed in an interview that both she and Taylor Schilling will show breasts during a shower scene.

How difficult is it to do these very graphic sex scenes?

PREPON: It’s interesting because, when Jenji first wanted me to play Alex, I was like, “Okay, well, there’s two things that I’ve never done before.” Well, I had done nudity in one other thing, but nudity for an actress is a very particular thing. It has to do with the material, and making sure it’s not gratuitous, that it’s done in a way that’s shot beautifully, and it’s for a reason. And I’d never played a lesbian before. Of course, we’re supportive of the gay and lesbian community. I’ve just never portrayed that on camera. Once I met Taylor I knew that it was going to be really comfortable and okay, but the nudity was a little bit of an issue for me, so Jenji and I talked about it.

When you’re in prison, there’s no hiding. These women are not hiding behind towels and shower curtains. They go to the bathroom with no doors on the stalls. It would actually look weird, if these women were hiding. In the first couple of episodes, Piper is all weird about everyone seeing her. But then, you look at her transformation and where she goes, and by half-way through, she’s like, “Whatever. This is what we do. It’s a pair of breasts. This is what happens.” So, for those scenes, whether it’s a man or a woman, if you’re comfortable with your fellow actor – and Taylor and I are so comfortable with each other – it’s fine. We have amazing chemistry. That was a learning curve for me because I’d just never done that before. My first scene was a shower scene with her, where we were both topless. We were both totally comfortable, and it was awesome.

Natasha Lyonne and Taryn Manning co-star and both may also have nude scenes.