UPDATE: There is a Russian Bluray out now and clips have leaked. In terms of the swimming pool scene, both Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Benson are wearing pasties, but both of their butts are partially visible while sitting with James Franco at the edge of the pool (fairly dimly-lit though). In addition, there is brief, but almost full butt shot of Hudgens as Franco is lifting her in the pool and once more in a underwater shot.

There is another scene where Benson's bikini looks slightly transparent while wet and she is having a conversation with Hudgens. Rachel Korine does the most nudity showing breasts in a number of scenes (mostly as she is lifting her shirt up at a part and her butt while sitting in a shower. This film comes out on Bluray in the US on July 9.


One of the blog readers saw an advanced screening of the film Spring Breakers --. In summary Rachel Korine and some unidentfied actresses showed breasts and ass. During the threesome scene with James Franco, Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Benson both are wearing pasties, but there a glimpse of ass from both of them.

Here is the full review:

"Saw an advanced screening of Spring Breakers and wanted to give you the update. Feel free to use this or not...just wanted to send word as there was only one brief post about this earlier.

There was an enormous amount of anonymous flashing from actual spring breakers (mostly in slow motion party montages). For the most part it was breasts with maybe one ass flash.

There was also a stripclub scene with a number of topless strippers and a later sex and shower scene where two of those very large strippers showed breasts and ass.

Rachel Korine does show breasts a few times and ass in a shower scene.

Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Benson have a threesome in a pool with James Franco and it was clear that it was them (not body doubles) and that they were naked though not much is seen. At one point you can clearly see that Vanessa was wearing pasties (as I am guessing Ashley was as well). You can also briefly see Vanessa's ass when the camera is under the water and it does come up and break the surface of the water where you can see her face. Afterwards the two show brief partial ass sitting outside of the pool naked on either side of James Franco. Its a bit dark but not too bad.

Other than that, all four leading girls are in bikinis for the majority of the film.

Hope this is helpful."