-According to an interview Casey Wilson (Happy Endings) gave with Crave Online, both she and June Diane Raphael show butt at the beginning of their film "Ass Backwards".

"We wrote that the movie opens on a shot of our bare asses, and when we were on all fours in a van on the side of the road, with our makeup artist lovingly touching up our asses with ass makeup, I thought, Why did we write this? And I needed an ass double, but we didn't have the budget!"

Are they happy with how the final result looks on the big screen? "I always say that June is a badass with a good ass. She's looking good. Me? Eh, it is what it is. I'm a Method actress, and I had to put my ass out there."


-I am not dedicating a whole another post to this because it is just a twitter mention, but apparently Evan Rachel Wood has nude scenes in The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman.