UPDATE: Here is the first official confirmation of Munn's nudity from a review from someone who was at tonight's screening.

There’s a baby piglet, hot guys with rock hard abs and bare asses, a stellar soundtrack, shots of peen (for the ladies and gay men) and Munn’s boobies (for the men and lesbians).

I read in another review that Riley Keough was in a sex scene, but it did not mention any nudity.


-Here are some topless images of Laura Prepon (along with Jo Newman) from the film Lay the Favorite. These pics are cam quality. Lay the Favorite is scheduled to come out sometime this fall. Credit to Jeffscott and TMAC for the pics.

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="http://www.google.com">I have received a number of secondhand reports that Olivia Munn is topless in Magic Mike which has it's official world premiere tonight in Los Angeles and is scheduled to be released this Friday. Since these reports were not directly from people who had seen the film, I was hesitant about posting them. After finally finding a direct report, I am now at least fairly confident that the below reports are true.

From a couple of e-mails I received:

Word on the street from a friend who saw Soderbergh's Magic Mike this week is that Olivia Munn is nude in the film. I guess we'll find out if those alleged nude pics were really her after all.

Got a nudity report from Magic Mike from a friend who saw the movie.
Apparently Olivia Munn gets topless three times in the movie, in fact there is apparently quite a bit of female nudity despite the abundance of man ass in the film.

Here are a couple of secondhand reports posted on IMDB:

I know someone who just saw a test screening of the film, and he confirms OLIVIA MUNN goes TOPLESS.

Also, he's pretty sure she didn't have a body double. He said, "I mean you can clearly see Olivia Munn's face..and her boobs.." In other words, you see not just a close up of her boobs, you see her and her whole body, face and all. No full frontal obviously, just topless. ;)


"Confirmed!! Olivia Munn shows us the goods!! Friend saw a screening last night and says that you do in fact see Olivia Munn nude, but sadly not Cody Horn.


Finally, here is brief but direct report from a reviewer at Decidebay.com:

"Pros: Channing Tatum, Alex Pettyfer and Olivia Munn - all naked."

If there are still any doubts about the accuracy of these reports, we will likely find out after the screening tonight.