-This article in the Hollywood Reporter confirms that Kristen Stewart will have topless scenes in the upcoming adaption of On the Road, which premieres in Cannes on May 23.

Stewart's fame also required special care. "Wherever Kristen went, the blogosphere lit up with the specifics of her movements," adds Yeldham. Her topless scenes with Riley were shot on a closely guarded set to avoid paparazzi and fans.

The pressure of doing the scenes made Riley "sick with anxiety" -- but not Stewart. "I was so shocked at being able to do it," she says. "I didn't feel naked."


-I am still looking for a 2nd source to confirm this, but according to an IMDB poster who saw the film Marilyn at the Whistler Film Festival claims that Allison Mack has a couple of nude scenes in the film Marilyn.

Hey guys. I'm surprised this bit of news isn't already blowing up these message boards, but as the headline says, Allison Mack shows quite a bit of herself in her independent movie 'Marilyn'. I saw it at the Whistler Festival back in December and was pleasantly surprised that the cute girl I grew to adore as Chloe on Smallville had matured into a beautiful woman who wasn't afraid to show her body on the big screen. I had been thinking about the movie recently and decided to check Amazon and IMDb to see when it was coming out to theatres or DVD, and I was shocked to see it hadn't made it out of the festival stage yet. Honestly, it's so low budget it'll probably come straight to DVD, but the performances and plot are good and hey, like I said, naked Allison.

But on to the reason you clicked this. Allison is topless twice in the movie, once in a pretty intense sex scene then again in the shower afterwards. She also steps out of the shower naked and wraps a towel around herself. She shows quite a bit of bottom while wearing a thong in the above mentioned sex scene. Her body is incredible as you might imagine, especially if you've been picturing her naked since you first saw her on Smallville in 2001. She has these fake bird tattoos above her breasts, but when her top comes off there's no phony ink obscuring anything of importance. Her breasts are simply perfect and she has a killer butt, too. I wish I was able to record the scenes on my phone because I've been dying to watch them again - that's why I'm hoping this gets a home release soon!


Marilyn does not have any kind of release date as of yet.

-Maggie Grace has signed on for the next season of Californication, playing the character Faith for 9 episodes. According to the casting notice, the roll does call for nudity.

[FAITH] 25 to 30. Beautiful. American. Faith is an intoxicating combination of sunshine and sin. Sinshine. Faith is what happens when an innocent young Catholic school girl is exposed to the evils of rock and roll and falls heads over heels in love with the music and the men who make it. A modern-day Penny Lane in "Almost Famous," Faith has been on and off the road with her favorite bands for years now and is viewed as a "muse" in elite rock circles. Faith is unapologetic about her fondness for sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll, but she's also on a spiritual quest to reconcile her extreme behavior with her conservative background. She comes from a deeply religious family and still believes in God herself......MAJOR RECURRING ROLE. (9 EPISODE ARC) MUST HAVE GREAT COMEDIC TIMING. ROLE REQUIRES TASTEFUL NUDITY AND SIMULATED SEX.

Here is some information about the Faith character's first scene. Credit to Recapped

The very first scene Faith is in is a dream sequence where Jesus eats her out. And then:

Faith slowly rejoins the land of the living, an angel beneath the sheets, naked save for a little cross of gold around her neck...

Faith, still naked, has a pretty long convo with a rock star, gets him to cum, he writes a song and then

...she gets out of bed. Naked and beautiful. Walking inspiration. Rock Star watches her, hypnotized.