Here is a detailed review from a poster at CNDB, MarsAttacks, of the nudity from Michelle Williams, Sarah Silverman, and Jennifer Podemski in "Take This Waltz" which premired at TIFF today. should have another full review later tonight.:

I just got back from a screening of Take This Waltz at the Toronto Film Festival. I'm also the guy that did the first recap of Chloe in June 2009. Anyway, the movie was okay (kind of dragged along at times). The movie is nowhere near as erotic as some of the reviews made it out to be.

Michelle Williams has 3 full frontal nude scenes. The 1st is in the YMCA shower with Sarah Silverman (full frontal), Jennifer Podemski (full frontal) and a bunch of naked extras. The scene lasts for around 90 seconds and we get a few good full body views. Michelle and Sarah have nice bushes. The scene is not erotic at all however.

The 2nd scene shows Michelle on the toilet when her husband (Seth Rogen) walks into the bathroom. She then strips down completely and gets into the shower. Once again we get a nice full body view of Michelle.

The 3rd scene is a mix of brief clips of Michelle having sex with another man in various positions (on a bed, in a chair etc..). They only last a few seconds each. She's fully nude in each clip but it's a little difficult to see her bottom half (might have better luck with the Blu-ray).

I also read reviews stating that there was a three way. The are two brief three way clips mixed with the above 3rd scene but no nudity is shown.