Movie: Sin Tetas no Hay Paraiso (AKA No Paradise Without Tits)(Columbia-2010)
Actress: Isabel Cristina Cadavidad (Full Frontal and Ass;Briefly Visible Labia); Linda Lucia Callejas (Breasts and Brief Ass)
Credit: Thirstyrabbit
Info: H.264 (848x480)

Isabel Cristina Cadavidad actually got breast implant surgery for the film, and the procedure was shown in the movie itself (but not in the below clips. The second vidcap and clip shows her before and after. Detailed descriptions of the nude scenes and the film itself can be found at Thirstyrabbit's site.

F-Sonic (Isabel Cristina Cadavidad-Full Frontal and Brief Ass;Briefly Visible Labia;Other Actresses-Full Frontal-221 MB)

F-Sonic (Linda Lucia Callejas (Breasts and Brief Ass) and Isabel Cristina Cadavidad (Full Frontal;Breasts Before and After Surgery-291 MB)

Isabel Cristina Cadavidad

Linda Lucia Callejas and Isabel Cristina Cadavidad