Since I few people have asked me about, I just wanted to confirm that there is unfortunately no nudity by Natalie Portman of Mila Kunis in Black Swan.

Here is Recapped's review:

Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis have a pretty hyped up lesbian scene in Black Swan that not surprisingly doesn’t live up to the hype.

At 38 minutes into the film, Natalie’s dress is removed by her mom and we see her nude except for some panties. Unfortunately, Natalie’s arms are covering her breasts the entire time.

The very next scene, Natalie wakes up and starts masturbating under the covers. As Natalie get more worked up, she gets out from under the covers and we see she is only wearing thin panties and a shirt. Natalie then flips over into an almost doggy-style/cowgirl stance. Natalie starts going faster but eventually stops when she notices her mom in the room.

At 51 minutes, we see Natalie in the bath. Natalie begins to touch herself again but then stops.

Around 66 minutes into the movie, Mila rubs Natalie a bit down there while they’re in a taxi.

Two minutes later, Natalie and Mila are in Natalie’s room and they begin to make out. They both strip down to just bra and panties and continue to the bed. Natalie then lies on her back as Mila jumps on top of her. Mila then removes Natalie’s panties and continues to eat her out but we don’t see anything. Natalie then pictures Mila turning into Ksenia Solo and then back to Mila.

Finally at 79 minutes, we see Vincent Cassel having sex with an unidentified brunette wearing only a bra. The girl morphs into Mila for a bit and then back again.

Also, throughout the film we see pokies from Natalie as she wears her ballerina outfits.

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