Movie: Wild Things: Foursome (US-2010)
DVD Release Date: June 1
Actresses: Jillian Murray,Jessie Nickson (Breasts and Ass),Marnette Patterson (Ass, Extremely Obvious Pasties)
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Video Clip Credit: DeepatSea
Video Clip Info: DIVX 5 (640x352)

NOTE: Part of the clip is messed up because of the original source where the clip was taken from. It is very apparent in the foursome scene in the shower at the end of the clip. Hopefully, a better source will be coming very soon.

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Megaupload Link (Jillian Murray, Jessie Nickson-Breasts and Ass, and Marnette Patterson-Ass,Pasties-23.5 MB)

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Jillian Murray

Jillian Murray, Jessie Nickson, and Marnette Patterson

Marnette Patterson