First of all I would like to think all of you for the support you have given me with your e-mails and comments. It is one of the reasons I am continuing on. While I admit I was a little hasty with thinking about shutting the blog down, the fact is the DMCA notices are only part of the problem. I seem to have little free time outside of work. I changed the way I am doing the posts in order to save some time. Eventually though, I may have slow down and limit the number of clips I post.

Movie: Bitten (AKA Lady is A Vamp)
Actresses: Erica Cox (Breasts and Brief Ass) Amy Lynn Grover (Breasts)
Video Clip Credit: Johnny Moronic
Video Clip Dimensions: 800x448 (Except for CoxErica05.avi and jmoronic1045-CoxEricaGroverAmyLynn01, which are 368x208)

NOTE: There is quite a bit of gore in the below clips. (Erica Cox-Breasts and Brief Ass) (Erica Cox-Breasts) (Erica Cox-Pokies) (Combined .zip file of the above two clips) (Erica Cox-Ass in Thong) (Erica Cox-Breasts) (Erica Cox-Breasts) (Combined .zip file of the above three clips) (Erica Cox and Amy Lynn Grover-Breasts) (Erica Cox and Amy Lynn Grover-Breasts) (Combined .zip file of the above two clips)

Erica Cox

Amy Lynn Grover