Nudity Reports from Toronto

-Recapped and Mr. Skin have both been at the Toronto International Film Festival reviewing movies for nude scenes. Besides the ones I have previously mentioned here are some more notable films.

In Stuck, Mena Suvari does her first film nudity since American Beauty as she shows her breasts and some brief ass while she is shown having sex with her boyfriend. There is also full nudity in the film from Sharlene Rover as Mena is beating her up. Sam Waterston's daughter Katherine shows her breasts in The Babysitters, a film about a teenager who turns her babysitting service into a call girl ring. Diane Kruger shows her left breast and ass while in the shower during Days of Darkness (AKA L’Âge des Ténèbres). Juliette Binoche shows full frontal as she opens her robe and flashes her stepbrother in Disengagement. Jennifer Jason Leigh shows her breasts multiple times in Margot at the Wedding.

Eva Birthistle shows breasts and Jodhi May and Emily Holmes show full frontal and ass in Nightwatching. For those unfamiliar with Emily Holmes, she played the wife in the newlywed couple in Snakes on the Plane. An trailer for the movie (containing nudity) can be found here. There is only a brief glimpse of Summer Bishil's left breast in the controversial film Nothing is Private, but Irina Voronina,Nathalie Walker,LoriDawn Messuri and Lisa Catara are all topless. Rosie Perez shows breasts and ass during a sex scene with John Leguizamo in The Take.

Here is the full known list of movies with nude scenes that screened at Toronto. Thanks again to Recapped and Mr. Skin for reviewing the films.

-Across The Universe (Evan Rachel Wood-Left Breast and Ass) (Released in Theaters September 14)
-Angel (Romola Garai-Partial Ass)
-The Babysitters(Katherine Waterston-Breasts)
-Before the Devil Knows You're Dead (Marisa Tomei-Breasts and Partial Ass) (Release Date October 16)
-Boy A (Katie Lyons-Brief Breasts)
-The Brave One (Jodie Foster-Breasts and Ass;Possible Body Double) (Released in Theaters September 14)
-California Dreamin' (AKA Nesfarsit)(Maria Dinulescu-Breasts)
-Chaotic Ana (Manuela Vellés-Full Frontal and Ass) (Release Date December 26)
-Closing The Ring(Mischa Barton-Breasts and Ass)
-The Counterfeiters (AKA Die Falscher) (Marie Baumer-Ass)(Release Date December 31)
-Days of Darkness (AKA L’Âge des Ténèbres) (Diane Kruger-Left Breast and Ass)
-Diary of the Dead (Amy Ciupak Lalonde-Breasts)
-Disengagement (AKA Désengagement) (Juliette Binoche-Full Frontal)
-Eastern Promises(Elisa Lasowski-Breasts and Partial Ass) (Released in Theaters September 14)
-Encarnacion (Silvia Perez-Breasts and Ass)
-Ex-Drummer (Barbara Callewaert-Breasts;Dolores Bouckaert-Ass, Bush and Brief Breasts)
-Frontier(s)(AKA Frontiere(s)) (Karina Testa-Brief Breasts and Partial Ass)
-Fugitive Pieces (Rosamund Pike-Ass and Brief Breasts;Ayelet Zurer-Breasts and Partial Ass)
-Gone with the Woman (Tatt av kvinnen) (Marian Saastad Ottesen-Brief Breasts)
-Help Me Eros (Yin Shin-Breasts, Bush, and Partial Ass)
-In the Valley of Elah(Frances Fisher-Breasts) (Released in Theaters September 14)
-Into The Wild (Signe Egholm Olsen-Breasts) (Release Date September 21)
-The Last Mistress (AKA Une Vieille Maîtresse) (Asia Argento-Breasts, Bush, and Ass;Roxane Mesquida-Breasts and Brief Bush)
-Lust,Caution (AKA Se, jie) (Tang Wei-Full Frontal and Ass) (Release Date September 27)
-Margot at the Wedding (Jennifer Jason Leigh-Breasts) (Release Date November 16)
-Mother of Tears: The Third Mother (Asia Argento-Brief Right Breast;Moran Atias-Full Frontal and Ass;Valeria Cavalli,Silvia Rubino-Breasts)
-The Mourning Forest (AKA Mogari no Mori) (Machiko Ono-Brief Breasts)
-Nightwatching (Eva Birthistle-Breasts;Jodhi May,Emily Holmes-Full Frontal and Ass)
-Nothing is Private (Summer Bishil-Brief Left Breast;Irina Voronina,Nathalie Walker,LoriDawn Messuri-Breasts;Lisa Catara-Left Breast)
-The Past (AKA El Pasado) Prison of Silence (AKA Wolfsbergen) (Catherine ten Bruggencate,Karina Smulders-Breasts;Tamar van den Dop-Full Frontal and Partial Ass)
-Silent Resident (AKA Weisse Lilien) (Brigitte Hobmeier-Breasts and Ass)
-Silk (Keira Knightley-Breasts;Sei Ashina-Full Frontal and Brief Partial Ass) (Released in Theaters September 14)
-The Stone Angel (Christine Horne-Breasts, Ass, and Obscured Bush)
-Stuck (Mena Suvari-Breasts and Brief Ass;Sharlene Rover-Full Frontal and Ass)
-The Take (Rosie Perez-Breasts and Ass)
-This Beautiful City(Kristin Booth-Breasts and Ass;Caroline Cave-Breasts,Bush and Partial Ass)
-Young People Fucking(Sonja Bennett-Breasts and Ass;Natalie Lisinska-Breasts and Partial Ass;Carly Pope-Breasts;Diora Baird-Brief Nipples)

New Additions to Lists (September 10-16)

Upcoming Nudity-Cinema:

September 21:
-Adrift in Manhattan(Heather Graham-Ass and Brief Breasts;Marlene Forte-Right Breast)
September 28:
-Park (Anne Dudek,Melanie Lynskey-Breasts)
October 5:
-The Good Night (Sonia Doubell-Brief Breasts and Ass in Thong)
October 24:
-The Living and the Dead(Kate Fahy-Full Frontal)
November 9:
-Postal (Holly Eglinton-Breasts) Changed Release Date

Upcoming Nudity-DVD:

September 11:
-Tryst (Natalia McLennan-Full Frontal and Ass)
September 18:
-Final Draft (Melanie Marden-Right Breast)
September 25:
-The Green Chair (AKA Noksaek uija) (Yun-hong Oh-Brief Full Frontal;Jung Suh-Breasts and Ass)
November 20:
-The Insurgents (Juliette Marquis-Breasts)
December 4:
-Superbad (Jenna Haze,Aurora Snow-Breasts)
December 11:
-Big Love: The Complete Second Season(Rachel Avery-Breasts;Ginnifer Goodwin-Ass)
-Undead or Alive: A Zombedy (Chloe Russell-Brief Breasts)
December 18:
-Halloween (Danielle Harris;Hanna Hall-Breasts;Kristina Klebe-Breasts and Brief Ass;Sherri Moon Zombie-Ass in Thong)

Upcoming Nudity-No Release Date:

-Black Sheep (AKA Schwarze Schafe) (Barbara Kowa-Breasts, Ass, and Bush)
-It's A Boy Girl Thing (Samaire Armstrong-Brief Right Breast;Brooke D'orsay-Ass) Changed Nudity Description
-The Jammed (Emma Lung-Breasts)
-Natasha (Algina Lipkis-Breasts and Ass in Thong)
-Ninette (Elsa Pataky-Breasts and Ass;Mar Regueras-Breasts)
-Segundo Asalto (Eva Marciel-Breasts and Ass;Laura Aparicio-Breasts)
-The Stone Council (AKA Le Concile De Pierre) (Monica Bellucci-Breasts and Bush)
-Twisted Sister (AKA Schwesterherz) (Anna Maria Muhe-Breasts)
-Vatanen's Hare (AKA Le Lièvre de Vatanen) (Julie Gayet-Breasts)
-The Witnesses (AKA Les Temoins)(Emmanuelle Beart-Breasts and Ass;Julie Depardieu-Breasts)
-Yo soy la Juani (Veronica Echegui-Breasts)