Madeline Zima and Michelle Nordin topless from preview of new David Duchovny series

Last week I posted that Madeline Zima was topless in the preview for David Duchovny's as of yet untitled upcoming series on Showtime. A clip of the preview has shown up on Youtube, so unfortunately it is very small. Zima's nudity comes at around the 1:00 mark in the preview but the scene is pretty dark. She is also shown briefly topless later on in the preview. Another actress, Michele Nordin, is topless near the beginning of the clip. I have included the original Youtube link below. I have also included a brightened version in .avi format. There is also a larger, non-brightened version of the preview in .mpeg format. Credit to Mim at for the .mpeg clip. The David Duchovny series should premiere on Showtime sometime during August.

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Madeline Zima,Michelle Nordin (Breasts) (XVID-5 MB) (Brightened)

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Madeline Zima,Michelle Nordin (Breasts) (MPEG-22 MB) (Non-Brightened)

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Madeline Zima

Michelle Nordin

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