Credit to Raverbasher for the video clips. All three clips have been combined into one .zip file. In the first clip, Alice Henley's (playing Livia) natural breasts are shown bouncing frantically she is on her back being screwed by Octavian. Afterwards her right breast in shown while on top of Octavian. After the sex has ended she is shown fully naked, but there appears to be something covering her crotch. In the second clip, Lyndsey Marshall (playing Cleopatra) shows her left breast while having sex with Marc Antony. In the final clip, Zuleikha Robinson (playing Gaia) shows her right breast as it is grabbed by Pullo. After he gets up, both of her breasts are visible over the sheet.

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Alice Henley,Zuleikha Robinson (Breasts);Lyndsey Marshall (Right Breast) (ZIP-XVID-33.8 MB)

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Alice Henley

Lyndsey Marshall

Zuleikha Robinson