Films that have premiered in Theaters and are awaiting a DVD Release Date:

Movie: Into the Wake
Theatrical Release Date: July 13,2012
Actress: Kristin Anderson (Left Breast from Side)

Movie: Hotel Noir
Theatrical Release Date: October 12,2012
Actress: Laurie Mannette (Brief Breasts)

Movie: Hors Satan (AKA Outside Satan)
Theatrical Release Date: January 18, 2013
Actress: Aurore Broutin (Full Frontal and Ass; Unpleasant Scene)
NOTE: From CNDB: "Aurore is an unattractive woman with masculine features, a thick square jaw and thin lips, but she delights in showing off her naked body in this film. She plays a backpacker desperate for sex with a local vagabond (David Dawaele). Stripping off her clothes in a field she stands naked in front of him, her pale 29-year old body fleshy but not obese. Aurore's small breasts are floppy, and her armpits and pubic area are clearly unshaven. She sits down in the field beside the man, parting her flabby thighs so that her thick pubic hair and genitals are visible. We get great views of the folds of her fleshy labia and clitoris peeking through her dark thick pubic hair. The man agrees to her sexual call, and so she wraps her flabby thighs around him as he thrusts into her. The camera then pans to her torso, and Aurore exposes her thick sweaty hairy armpits. We get good views of her tiny dark pink nipples, the cold air making them erect and hard, and her areloae knobbly. Unfortunately this scene is unpleasant, for as she orgasms she froths at the mouth and dribbles saliva. We then see Aurore dragging her fleshy naked body through the grass into a river to wash, where there are further excellent views of her small breasts and rampant armpit hair as she bathes."

Movie: Hyperfutura
Theatrical Release Date: January 18, 2013
Actress: Celine Brigitte (Breasts)

Movie: Fourplay
Theatrical Release Date: February 8, 2013
Actress: Amy Jean Johnson (Right Breast)

Movie: Almost In Love
Theatrical Release Date: February 15, 2013
Actress: Dana Acheson (Brief Ass and Bush;Distant)

Movie: Beyond the Hills (AKA Dupa dealuri) -- (Romania-2012)
Theatrical Release Date: March 8
Actress: Cristina Flutur (Breasts)

Movie: Lotus Eaters -
Theatrical Release Date: April 5
Actresses: Anna Bondareva, Gina Bramhill, Jay Choi (Breasts)

Movie: Lucky Bastard
Theatrical Release Date: April 5
Actresses: Betsy Rue (Full Frontal and Ass) Catherine Annette (Breasts, Ass, and Brief Bush)

Movie: Caroline and Jackie -
Theatrical Release Date: May 3
Actress: Marguerite Moreau (Breasts)

Movie: Ashley --
Theatrical Release Date: August 9 (Available VOD)
Actress: Nicole Fox (Breasts)

Movie: Sparrows Dance
Theatrical Release Date: August 23 (Available VOD)
Actress: Marin Ireland (Ass)

Movie: A Teacher --
Theatrical Release Date: September 6 (Already Available on VOD)
Actress: Lindsay Burdge (Brief Left Breast)
NOTE: From Mr. Skin: " But forget about all that, because Lindsay bares her mouth-watering chest apples at the 35- and 56-minute marks."

Movie: Populaire --
Theatrical Release Date: September 6
Actress: Déborah François (Brief Breasts)
NOTE: From Mr. Skin: "You'll want to taste the rainbow as Deborah pulls out her pontoons as colored lights flash in the background."

Movie: Hotel Normandy --
Theatrical Release Date: September 27
Actress: Héléna Noguerra (Breasts)

Movie: Omnívoros (AKA Omnivores)
VOD Release Date: October 1 (Premiering VOD)
Actresses: Sara Gómez (Breasts, Ass, and Brief Full Frontal,Unpleasant Scene) Marta Flich (Breasts), Esther Lara (Breasts, Unpleasant Scene) Rebeca Moreno (Breasts and Brief Ass,Unpleasant Scene)
NOTE: From E-mail I recieved: "but more importantly, 4 actresses are topless (I think there is also some ass, but I can't remember at what points) - 1 of them is topless in 2 scenes with a brief full frontal in the 2nd. Except for the first 2 nude scenes in the movie (a sex scene with a girl riding a guy and scene in which the same guy shares a bath with another girl), the other scenes are a bit disturbing, linked to the movie's cannibalism theme. Actresses are Marta Flich, Sara Gómez (the full frontal one), Esther Lara and according to the cast list I could find, the 4th one could be Rebeca Moreno."

Movie: All the Light in the Sky -
Theatrical Release Date: December 20 (Already Available On Demand)
Actresses Confirmed Nude: Jane Adams, Sophia Takal (Full Frontal and Ass)
NOTE: From Mr. Skin: "Mr. Skin firmly believes that women of all ages are worth whipping up some baby batter, as evidenced by Jane's bare buttcrack and bush in the first minute of the movie, followed by Sophia's suck sacks and seat meat 23 minutes in, Jane and Sophia both full-frontal hosing each other off at the 24-minute mark, and an encore for Jane's eclairs 47 minutes in."

Movie: Dumbbells -
Theatrical Release Date: January 10 (Available on VOD)
Actresses: Michaela Catando, Sara Schneider (Breasts)

Movie: Redlands --
Actress: Nicole Fox (Left Breast and Ass;Visible Labia) Melissa Johnston (Breasts)
On-Demand Release Date: January 10 (Vimeo On Demand and Amazon Instant Video)
Link to Trailer With Nudity
NOTE: Nicole Fox does full nudity while modeling for photographs in Redlands. This film is avaliable for rental or purchase download at Here is a list of the scenes in question. 0:08:23: Nicole Fox takes off her robe for a photo shoot, at first revealing her left breast from the side and ass. Both breasts are then visible from her left side as she goes to face down on a lawn chair, but then stops because she feels something on the chair. As she turns toward the camera, she is shown completely naked from the front, shaven with labia clearly visible. As she paces at little bit for half a minute, she even walks toward the camera, allowing a even closer view before the photographer comes back into the room. She then lies down on the lawn chair on her stomach with her butt visible as she is being photographed. She then shows breasts after she turns around to lie on her back. 0:47:15: Another modeling session with the same photographer this time in what looks to be a dingy basement. She is shown naked from behind as she pulls her dress over her head. There are also a couple of glimpses of her breasts before she puts a bra on. Her shaved pussy is shown very briefly during this time also before she puts panties on.
1:08:06: Vienna's (Nicole Fox) boyfriend put the moves on Melissa Johnston (Barely Legal) and pulls her top down, exposing her breasts and then fondling them, after which her character goes down on him.
There is one other nude scene from Fox but going into details would be too much of a spoiler. The scene in the teaser trailer was not even in the film.

Movie:$50K and a Call Girl: A Love Story --
VOD Premiere Release Date: January 14
Actress Jessie Wiseman (Breasts)

Movie: Summer in February --
Theatrical Release Date: January 17
Actresses Confirmed Nude: Emily Browning, Mia Austen (Full Frontal and Ass)
NOTE: HD Clips are showing up and it turns out the only Emily Browning scene is the one of her fully nude in front of the mirror. She first undresses by removing her top and and afterwards slides her bottoms down her hips, showing full frontal in the mirror's reflection. The lighting is nowhere as good as her scenes in Sleeping Beauty, but it is decent if a little dim. Her butt is briefly mostly visible as her back is facing the camera. The camera pans in for a closer view of her breasts. She is shown full frontal again (with her butt fully shown this time) before she hears a knock on the door and puts her clothes back on. Mia Austen briefly shows breasts while skinny-dipping in the ocean. Afterwards she shows clearly-lit and fairly lengthy full frontal nudity (with swaying breasts) as she walks out of the water onto the beach. Mia Austen had additional nudity before the skinny-dip. She showed breasts and bush while lying down outside being painted. In the skinny-dip scene, she showed butt and partial breasts while running into the ocean.

Movie: Haunting of the Innocent
VOD Premiere Date: February 4
Actresses: Jessica Morris, Hannah Cowley, Mariah Bonner (Breasts)

Movie: Down and Dangerous -
Theatrical Release Date: February 14
Actress: Ivet Corvea (Brief Right Breast from Side)

Movie: Skinless
Theatrical Release Date: March 7
Actresses Confirmed Nude: Allison Fitzgerald (Full Frontal), Erin R. Ryan
NOTES: From Anything Horror: "We’re also graced with some full frontal nudity within the first few minutes of the film from both Pete’s girlfriend Olivia (Allison Fitzgerald) and from Pete himself." From "Erin Ryan is really the star of the film, she gives a grounded and realistic performance. Her acceptance of Peter as a friend and her rejection of him as a lover is a thin line to stay balanced on but she manages to maintain an even keel and is extremely likable in the role. Both actors have some scenes in which they’re completely nude but they play them very naturally and at no time do these scenes feel gratuitous or forced."

Movie: Bad Words
Theatrical Release Date: March 14
Screens: 6
Actress Confirmed Nude: Kimleigh Smith (Breasts)
NOTE: From Mr. Skin: "(0:46) Kimleigh Smith is a hooker that Jason Bateman gets to expose her breasts for ten seconds to a child.

Movie: On My Way (AKA Elle s'en Va)
Theatrical Release Date: March 14
Actress: Hafsia Herzi (Brief Breasts)
NOTE: From Twitter: "Hafsia Herzi is briefly naked in Emmanuelle Bercot's "Elle s'en va," and that's the one good thing about this characterless chick flick."

Movie: U Want Me to Kill Him? (AKA uwantme2killhim?) --
Theatrical Release Date: March 14 (Currently on VOD)
Actress Confirmed Nude: Amy Wren (Breasts)
NOTE: From Mr. Skin: "In one spectacular scene that comes close to redeeming the whole film, ravishing redhead Amy Wren lifts up her shirt to show off her sizable snoobs, complete with perfectly pink nipples!"

Movie: A Birder's Guide to Everything --
Theatrical Release Date: March 21 (Available on VOD)
Actress: Daniela Lavender (Brief Left Breast, Possible Body Double)

Movie: Cheap Thrills --
Theatrical Release Date: March 21 (Currently Available on VOD)
Actress Confirmed Nude: Amanda Fuller (Brief Left Breast)
NOTE: From Mr. Skin: "but Amanda Fuller takes the prize for exposing her left lobber in bed with her hubby."

Movie: Just A Sigh (AKA Le temps de l'aventure)
Theatrical Release Date: March 21
Screens: 2
Actresses Confirmed Nude: Aurélia Petit (Brief Left Breast Underwater in Bathtub) Emmanuelle Devos (Breasts)
NOTE: From Mr. Skin: "Emmanuelle Devos gives us some quick flashes of her funbags while banging her dude. With the sexy Aurélia Petit lending some left tit while taking a bath, these two gals are sure to turn your sigh into a moan."

Movie: Nymphomaniac: Volume I --
Theatrical Release Date: March 21 (Currently Available on VOD)
Screens: 24
Actresses Confirmed Nude: Stacy Martin (Full Frontal and Ass, Visible Labia), Sophie Kennedy Clark (Brief Breasts)
Link to Clip featuring nudity from Stacy Martin
NOTE: has posted a review of the nude scenes in Lars Von Trier's Nymphomaniac: Volume I. To paraphrase, Stacy Martin shows everything (including one scene with a brief view of labia). Any explicit penetration scenes are done by a double. Sophie Kennedy Clark (Philomena) briefly also shows breasts in Chapter 1 as she is changing clothes. There is no nudity from Charlotte Gainsbourg in Volume I.

Movie: NSFW: Not Safe For Work
VOD Premiere Date: March 24
Actress Confirmed Nude: Audrey Kovar (Full Frontal and Ass)
NOTE: From Mr. Skin: "Audrey Kovar sits on a window sill taking photos of herself in a white gown. As she maneuvers her legs we can see her panties. Soon she will take the gown off and strip to her bra and panties. Another minute later the bra will come off showing breasts. During the credits we will get a full frontal breasts and bush look at her on the side."

Movie: Sabotage
Theatrical Release Date: March 28
Screens: 2,486
Actresses Confirmed Nude: Olivia Williams (Brief Right Breast, Underwater in Pool) Unidentified (Breasts Stripping; Sex Scene)
Actress Possibly Nude: Angela Kerecz (Listed as Stripper on IMDB)
Link to Red-Band Trailer (w/Brief Nudity from Stripper)
NOTE: From IMDB Parents Guide: "Two women kiss and one gropes the other's exposed breast ...Strip club scene, with topless women"

Movie: Dom Hemingway --
Theatrical Release Date: April 2
Screens: 4
Actresses Confirmed Nude: Hayley-Marie Coppin, Claire Viville (Breasts)
NOTE: From Mr. Skin: "(0:34) Claire Viville is showing breasts throughout this scene. ...(1:03) Breasts on Hayley Coppin viewed in just her panties as a dual hologram playing ping pong against herself."

Movie: 10 Rules for Sleeping Around
Theatrical Release Date: April 4 (Available on VOD)
Actresses Confirmed Nude: Virginia Williams (Ass, Side View, Shower Scene); Lucila Sola (Brief Ass); Unidentified Actresses (Breasts)
NOTE: From Mr. Skin: "While both ladies in the couples keep their clothes, we do get some sensational nudity courtesy of Virginia Williams (left) and Lucila Solá (right) during a swingers party held by an eccentric billionaire!"

Movie: Frankie and Alice
Theatrical Release Date: April 4
Screens: 171
Actresses Confirmed Nude: Halle Berry (Brief Breasts)
NOTE: From Mr. Skin: "A disoriented Halle stumbles into traffic while her right boob stumbles out of her top."

Movie: Nymphomaniac: Volume II --
Theatrical Release Date: April 4 (Available on VOD)
Screens: 30
Actresses Confirmed Nude: Stacy Martin, Charlotte Gainsbourg (Full Frontal and Ass), Mia Goth (Breasts and Brief Full Frontal and Ass)
NOTE: Clips are available. To very briefly summarize, Stacy Martin shows full frontal and ass again in a number of scenes. Charlotte Gainsbourg shows full frontal and ass (including some very long nipples) in multiple scenes. Mia Goth shows breasts and brief ass and bush as she is seducing a topless Gainsbourg (including sucking on her nipples). Finally there is a scene where Goth is shown naked from the front as she hops into bed with Gainsbourg.

Movie: On The Other Side of the Tracks (AKA De l'autre côté du périph) --
Theatrical Release Date: April 4
Screens: 50
Actresses Confirmed Nude: Rebecca Azan (Breasts and Ass) Sabrina Ouazani (Ass); Marie-Clotilde Ramos-Ibanez (Ass in Thong) Uncredited Actresses (Breasts)
NOTE: From Mr. Skin: "Rebecca is taking it from behind, bountiful boobulars bouncing the whole time." "Sabrina's got her stupendous stack constrained in a thin bikini top, and when she walks away from the camera we get a glimpse of bare glutes."

Movie: The Players (AKA Les Infidèles) --
Theatrical Release Date: April 4
Screens: 50
Actresses Confirmed Nude: Clara Ponsot (Breasts and Ass); Dolly Golden (Brief Ass)
NOTE: From Mr. Skin: "Clara Ponsot doffs her duds playing a teenage temptress and teases us with her ta-tas and tush!"

Movie: Under the Skin
Theatrical Release Date: April 4
Actresses Confirmed Nude: Scarlett Johansson (Breasts and Ass;Shadowy Full Frontal) Lynsey Taylor Mackay
NOTE: From " Seven minutes into the film, a fully nude Scarlett strips an unconscious Lynsey Taylor Mackay of all her clothes and then puts them on herself. The scene takes place in a room that is entirely white and it is lit from behind so Scarlett is mostly in shadow. Scarlett’s nudity isn’t as clear as we’d like but still visible enough to make out breasts and ass. On the other hand, Lynsey’s nudity is pretty clear for those who care. One hour in, Scarlett strips off all her clothes in an entirely black room. We see a well-lit medium-far shot of Scarlett fully naked from the side as she slowly backs away to the right. At 77 minutes, Scarlett is fully naked in a dark room that is only lit by the reddish-orange light emanating from an electric heater. The camera is behind Scarlett such that we can see her right breast and butt clearly, and then full frontal nudity in the mirror. Then there are several more angles of Scarlett nudity including straight on. Scarlett’s bush is mostly in shadow, but we can see her breasts and butt pretty well. Lastly, at 85 minutes Scarlett shows her butt briefly from the side during a sex scene. Scarlett then shows her ass from behind as she examines herself.

Movie: Fractured (AKA Schism)
Theatrical Release Date: April 11
Screens: 1 (Columbus, OH)
DVD Release Date: June 10
Actresses: Ashlynn Yennie, Lily Filson (Full Frontal);Nicole LaLiberte (Right Breast)
Link to Trailer w/nudity)
NOTES: From Raymond on Film:
"The first big scene in “Schism” may be the trashiest movie sex I’ve seen in a while. Both actors are fully nude (at least Sam and Lily aren’t alone!), grinding on top of each other. Though there’s plenty of moaning and movement, honestly, director Adam Gierasch should have pushed this a bit more. Peter Coyote, a well-regarded actor indeed, once licked his costar from navel through nipples – he was a method actor, you know. However in the next scene, Ashlynn Yennie stands fully nude while practically delivering a monologue. I really felt for her; she handled an impossible task with a lot of grace and in character." According to the above article, there is also nudity from Lily Filson and Samantha Huffman. From Clatto Verata: "Fortunately, writer/director Adam Gierasch’s idea of a good girl is someone who goes completely nude during sex. Gierasch and Yennie both explained how the full frontal nudity was necessary because they wanted an honest portrayal of people fucking."
Below is a link to the NSFW trailer for the film featuring some brief topless nudity from Yennie at 00:11 and Nicole LaLiberte at 2:07 with Lily Filson full-frontal at 01:49.

Movie: Only Lovers Left Alive
Theatrical Release Date: April 11
Screens: 4
Actress Confirmed Nude: Tilda Swinton (Breasts from Side)
NOTE: From Mr. Skin: "the frequently nude Tilda Swinton doffs her duds yet again in the new Jim Jarmusch vampire love story Only Lovers Left Alive. Tilda shows her right breast and some side views of her seat meat in an overhead shot as she and co-star Tom Hiddleston lay naked on a bed!". Swinton's breasts are shown while lying with Tom Huddleston near the end of this trailer, with the movie title covering her breasts.

Movie: Scrapper -
Theatrical Release Date: April 19
Actress Anna Giles (Right Breast, Sex Scene)

American and Canadian Films Without an Release Date:

Movie:A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night
Actress: Sheila Vand (Breasts)

Movie: A Kiss and A Promise (Canada-2012) (Available on VOD)
Actress: Natasha Gregson Wagner (Breasts) Lisa Ciara (Breasts;Very Unpleasant Scene)
Credit: El Amigo
Info: mkv/h264 (1920x1080)
Megashare (Natasha Gregson Wagner-51 MB)
Ziddu (Lisa Ciara-99 MB)

Movie: L'Affaire Dumont (AKA The Dumont Case)
Actress: Marilyn Castonguay (Breasts,Ass, and Brief Bush)

Movie: Alien Showdown: The Day the Old West Stood Still
Actresses: Gemma Donato (Breasts and Brief Ass) Nadia Lanfranconi (Brief Left Breast) -

Movie: All Cheerleaders Die
Actress: Reanin Johannink (Breasts)

Movie: Alpha Girls (Available on VOD)
Actress: Kacie Marie (Breasts;Hung from Wrists;Unpleasant Scene)

Movie: Amsterdam
Actress: Charlie Dagelet (Left Breast and Ass in Thong)

Movie: American Ecstasy
Actress: Brittany Nola (Breasts)
Link to Red-Band Trailer

Movie: American Weapon --
Actresses: Emily Burzynski,Diana Toshiko (Breasts) Maria-Elena Laas (Ass) Nika Williams (Breasts and Partial Ass)

Actresses: Kim Shaw (Ass and Brief Right Breast)

Movie: Attack of the 50ft Cheerleader (US-2012)
Actress: Jena Sims, Anne McDaniels (Breasts and Ass); Olivia Alexander (Breasts)

Actress: Mircea Monroe (Breasts)
Credit: El Amigo
Info: XVID (702x396)
Zippyshare (1 MB)

Movie: Breaking at the Edge (AKA The Firstling) (2013)
Rated R For violent content, language and some sexuality/nudity.
Actress Confirmed Nude: Rebecca Da Costa (Breasts)
NOTE: From Clatto Verata: "Brazilian model-turned-actress Rebecca Da Costa goes topless in TinRes Entertainment’s new supernatural thriller The Firstling. The film, which wrapped production in April, was recently test screened and, from what we’re told, Costa’s scene is totally worth the price of admission … on opening day no less."

Movie: Cabin Fever: Patient Zero --
Actress: Jillian Murray (Brief Breasts, Changing into Bikini Top)

Movie: Chasing Happiness
Actress: Jill Sayre (Breasts)

Movie: La Chasse au Godard d'Abbittibbi -
Actress: Sophie Desmarais (Breasts, Sex Scene) -

Movie: Chicks Dig Gay Guys
Actresses: Maura Murphy, Mindy Robinson (Breasts)
Link to Trailer With Blurred-Out Nudity

Movie: Child of God
Actresses: Elena McGhee (Breasts) Nina Ljeti (Left Breast)

Movie: Cinemanovels
Actresses: Lauren Lee Smith (Breasts and Ass, Sex Scenes)

Movie: The Cinema Snob Movie
Actress: Jillian Zurawski (Breasts), Samantha Allen (Ass)

Movie: City Baby -
Actress: Lauren Blair (Brief Left Breast) October Moore (Brief Breasts) Jillian Leigh (Brief Breasts, Mostly Covered By Hair) Cora Benesh (Breasts and Ass, Sex Scene)

Movie: The Crimes of Mike Recket (2012)
Actress: Agam Darshi (Breasts)

Movie: Copenhagen
Actress: Frederikke Dahl Hansen (Breasts)

Movie: Cyanure (AKA Cyanide) --
Actresses: Sabine Timoteo (Full Frontal and Ass) Ludivine Geschworner (Breasts)

Movie: Dear White People
Actress: Tessa Thompson (Ass)

Movie: Demon Hunter (Available VOD) --
Actresses: Raven Lexy, Jenny Allford (Breasts)

Movie: Dracula, the Dark Prince --
Actress: Kelly Wenham (Breasts)

Movie: The F Word
Actress: Zoe Kazan (Ass)

Movie: Faith, Love and Whiskey (2012)
Actress: Ana Stojanovska (Breasts)

Movie: Faults
Actress: Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Partial Ass)

Movie: First Winter - (Available on VOD)
Actresses: Lindsay Burdge (Brief Full Frontal, Getting Out of Tub) Samantha Jacobs (Ass and Brief Full Frontal, Threesome) Jennifer Kim (Breasts and Brief Ass, Lesbian Scene, In Shower)

Movie: Fort Tilden
Actresses: Bridey Elliott, Hallie Haas, Clare McNulty, Christine Spang (Breasts, Sunbathing on Beach)

Movie:The Foxy Merkins
Actress: Lisa Haas (Breasts, Obese)

Movie: Francine (Available VOD)(2012)
Actress: Melissa Leo (Full Frontal)

Movie:God’s Pocket
Actress: Sophia Takal (Right Breast and Ass)

Movie: Good Night -
Actress: Adriene Mishler (Right Breast)

Movie: The Guest
Actress: Tabatha Shaun (Breasts)

Movie:The Heart Machine
Actress: Kate Lyn Sheil (Breasts, Sex Scene)

Movie: The Helpers --
Actress: Rachel Sterling (Breasts and Ass, Sex Scene)

Movie: Honeymoon
Actress: Rose Leslie (Ass and Brief Breasts)

Movie: Horns
Actresses: Juno Temple (Breasts and Ass) Kendra Anderson (Right Breast)

Movie: Hunting Season --
Actress: Lauren Lee Smith (Breasts and Brief Ass)
NOTE: In the first scene at 20:00 , she shows breasts while getting in a shower. Afterwards there are some brief shots of her breasts and butt while showering, mostly from an aerial view above the shower head. In the second scene at 40:00 , there is one more breast shot and a shadowy full frontal with nothing really visible as she gets out. In the third scene at 1:02:00, she briefly shows breasts a couple of times as she sits up ,startled, in a bathtub.

Movie: The Husband
Actress: Andrea Grant (Right Breast)

Movie: King Kelly (Available VOD)(2012) -
Actress: Louisa Krause (Breasts)

Movie: La Maison du Pecheur (AKA Summer Crisis)
Actresses: Genevieve Boivin-Roussy (Left Breast and Ass) Ariane-Li Simard-Cote,Unidentfied Actresses (Breasts and Ass)

Movie:Maps to the Stars
Actress: Olivia Williams (Breasts, In Bathtub; From Trailer)

Movie: Lac Mystère -
Actresses: Laurence Leboeuf (Breasts; Stripping), Myriam Crepeau (Breasts;From Distance)

Movie: Last Call
Actress: Rachel Ann Mullins (Breasts)

Movie: Lizzie Borden's Revenge --
Actresses: Mindy Robinson (Breasts) Veronica Ricci (Full Frontal and Ass;Visible Labia)

Movie: The Lost Episode (AKA Pennhurst) (2012) -
Actress: Ryan Keely (Breasts)

Movie: Lost Lake (Available VOD) --
Actress: Katie Keene (Ass and Right Breast from Side)

Movie: Les manèges humains (AKA Fair Sex)
Actress: Marie-Evelyne Lessard (Breasts and Bush)

Movie: Marfa Girl
Actresses: Drake Burnette (Full Frontal and Ass) Indigo Rael (Breasts)

Movie: The Mend
Actress: Lucy Owen (Ass and Brief Breasts)

Movie: The Meteor (AKA Le météore)
Actress: Noémie Godin-Vigneau (Breasts)

Movie: MoniKa (2012) --
Actress: Cerina Vincent (Ass and Brief Left Breast)

Movie: The Movie Out Here
Actresses: Chasty Ballesteros, Caley Dimmock (Breasts) Lisa Durupt (Ass, Body Double) -

Movie: Nightscape (Available VOD)-
Actress: Emily Galash (Breasts)

Movie: Open Windows
Actress: Sasha Grey (Breasts)

Movie: Pinup Dolls on Ice (2013)
Actress: Emily Crighton (Right Breast)

Movie: Proxy (Available on VOD) --
Actresses: Kristina Klebe (Breasts, Masturbating) Alexia Rasmussen (Breasts)

Movie: Reality Show
Actresses: Monika Tilling, Lindsey Grubbs (Breasts and Ass) Kelley Menighan Hensley (Full Frontal and Ass) Margaret Savinar (Breasts)

Movie: Road to Hell
Actress: Clare Kramer (Breasts)

Movie: The Sacred
Actresses: Angel McCord (Full Frontal, Visible Labia) Heather Roop (Breasts and Ass, Cora Benesh (Breasts)

Movie: Saturday Morning Mystery (Available on VOD)--
Actress: Josephine Decker (Breasts;Full Frontal in Mirror Reflection)
NOTE: From “I just want to be sure you’re okay with this: you’re going to be covered in blood in a tank top, probably going to see your nipples through the second half of the movie and there’s a sex scene fully nude,” Decker recalls, before giving it a thought. “I’m like, yeah, sure, it’s fine.”

Movie: The Scribbler
Actress: Katie Cassidy (Breasts) Ashlynn Yennie

Movie: Secret Life Secret Death (2012)
Actress: Kjersti Beth (Breasts and Bush)

Movie: Sex After Kids
Actress: Christine Horne (Breasts,Sex Scene) Amanda Brugel (Nipples Visible Under Lingerie)

Movie: She's Lost Control
Actress: Brooke Bloom (Breasts)

Movie: Starry Eyes
Actress: Alex Essoe (Breasts)

Movie: Third Person
Actress: Olivia Wilde (Ass, Possibly More)

Movie: Le Torrent (2012)
Actress: Laurence Leboeuf (Breasts and Ass)

Movie: Treto poluvreme (AKA The Third Half)
Actress: Katarina Ivanovska (Breasts)

Movie: The Watermen --
Actresses: Ashley Myers (Ass and Left Breast), Blakely Bunnell (Right Breast)-- , Joy Glass (Breasts) --

Movie: White Bird in A Blizzard
Actress Shailene Woodley (Breasts)

Movie: White Reindeer
Actresses: Laura Lemar-Goldsborough (Ass and Breasts Visible Under Outfit); Lydia Hyslop (Breasts Visible Under Sheer Body Cover)

Movie: You Are Here
Actresses: Laura Ramsey, Alana de la Garza (Right Breast and Ass)