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NOTE: Unless mentioned explicitly, there is no guarantee of nudity from the actresses named below.

Movies Rated R for Nudity:

Small Town Murder Songs
DVD Release Date: July 19
Actress Confirmed Nude: Alyssa Mariano (Ass;Unpleasant Scene)
Other Actresses in Film: Martha Plimpton, Jill Hennessy
Rated R For some violence, disturbing images, a scene of sexuality, nudity and language.

The Devil's Double
Theatrical Release Date: July 29
Actresses Confirmed Nude: Ludivine Sagnier (Breasts and Ass)
Rated R For strong brutal bloody violence and torture, sexual content, graphic nudity, drug use and pervasive language.
NOTE: There is a scene in the movie where an entire group of women (not including Ludivine) at a birthday party are forced to strip, showing breasts, ass, and bush.

The Whistleblower (Germany,Canada-2010)
Actresses in Film: Rachel Weisz,Monica Bellucci,Jeanette Hain
Rated R For disturbing violent content including a brutal sexual assault, graphic nudity and language.

World of the Dead: The Zombie Diaries UK-2011)
Actress in Film: Alix Wilton Regan
Rated R For violence and gore, a rape, language, some sexual content and brief nudity.

Movies Rated R for Sexual Content:

The Bang Bang Club (Canada-South Africa-2010)
Theatrical Release Date: April 22
Actress in Film: Malin Akerman
Rated R For strong brutal violence, disturbing images, pervasive language, some drug use and sexual content.
NOTE: According to one of the Canadian ratings site, there are 3 scenes of nudity depicting breasts in non-sexual contents.

The Guard (Ireland-2011)
Actresses in Film: Dominique McElligott, Katarina Cas
Theatrical Release Date: July 29
Rated R For pervasive language, some violence, drug material and sexual content.

The Con Artist (Canada-2010)
Actresses in Film: Terra Vnesa Rebecca Romijn Sarah Roemer
Rated R For language and brief sexuality.

The Hungry Rabbit Jumps (US-2011)
Actresses in Film: January Jones, Jennifer Carpenter
Rated R For violence, language and brief sexuality.

The Son Of No One (US-2011)
Actresses in Film: Juliette Binoche, Katie Holmes
Rated R For violence, pervasive language and brief disturbing sexual content.

Upcoming Nudity-Cinema:

April 15:
The Double Hour (AKA La doppia ora) (Lidia Vitale-Ass and Bush)
July 29:
-The Devil's Double (Ludivine Sagnier-Breasts and Ass)
August 5:
-Bellflower (Jessie Wiseman-Full Frontal and Partial Ass; Rebekah Brandes-Left Breast from Side)
October 7:
-Martha Marcy May Marlene (Elizabeth Olsen-Breasts and Ass)
-Wanderlust (Jennifer Aniston-Breasts)

Upcoming Nudity-DVD:

April 12:
-Mask Maker (AKA Maskerade) (Mariah Bonner-Breasts and Ass)
April 19:
-Born to Raise Hell (Irina Antonie-Breasts; Madalina Mariescu-Breasts and Ass in Thong)
May 10:
-Blood Oath (Sarah Bloodworth, Alex Kendall-Breasts)
May 17:
-You Won't Miss Me (Stella Schnabel,Josephine Wheelwright-Breasts and Ass in Thong;Carlen Altman-Brief Left Breast)
June 7:
-Rubber (Roxane Mesquida-Ass)
June 14:
-Blood Night: The Legend of Mary Hatchet (Samantha Facchi-Full Frontal and Ass) Samantha Jacobs-Breasts) Tara Rondeau-Breasts and Brief Ass)
June 21:
-Bedways (Lana Cooper-Full Frontal and Ass;Visible Labia;Possible Unsimulated Sex; Miriam Mayet-Full Frontal;Visible Labia;Masturbating)
-Elektra Luxx (Carla Gugino-Ass; Amy Rosoff-Ass Visible Under Transparent Panties)
June 28:
-Barney's Version (Sandra Lavoie-Brief Breasts)
-Deliver Us from Evil (AKA Fri os fra det onde)(Lene Nystrøm-Breasts)
-The Eleventh Aggression (Davina Joy-Breasts)
July 12:
-Entourage: The Complete Seventh Season (Sasha Grey-Full Frontal and Ass)
July 19:
-Small Town Murder Songs (Alyssa Mariano-Ass)
August 9:
-Come Together (Jaime Beebe-Breasts)

Upcoming Nudity-No Release Date:

-Bonnie and Clyde Vs. Dracula (Tiffany Shepis-Full Frontal and Ass)
-Conception (America Olivo-Breasts; Leila Charles Leigh-Right Breast)
-Crawler (Heidi Hawkins-Breasts)
-Manson Girls (Monica Keena, Taryn Manning, Britt Morgan,Tania Raymonde)

Foreign Films Without An US Release Date (A to M):

-3-D Sex and Zen:Extreme Esctasy (Suô Yukiko-Full Frontal;Vonnie Lui-Breasts; Naami Hasegawa, Yukiko Suo and Saori Hara) to Foreign Films Without An US Release Date (A to M)
-8 Uhr 28 (Nadeshda Brennicke-Breasts and Brief Ass)
-14 Days With Victor (Margo Stilley-Breasts)
-Agnosia (Barbara Goenaga-Full Frontal and Ass)
-Alle Anderen (AKA Everyone Else) (Birgit Minichmayr-Breasts)
-Attenberg (Ariane Labed-Full Frontal and Ass; Evangelia Randou-Breasts)
-Bluf (Ancilla Tilia-Breasts and Ass)
-Holiday (Camille de Sablet-Breasts, Brief Bush, and Ass in Thong; Josiane Balasko-Ass,Obese; Valérie Lang-Breasts)
-Hustawka (Joanna Pierzak-Full Frontal and Ass; Karolina Gorczyca-Breasts, Ass, and Brief Bush)
-Kill Me Please (Stéphanie Crayencour-Breasts and Brief Ass)
-Manuela d'amore 3 (AKA Manual of Love 3)(Monica Bellucci-Breasts)
-La Mosquitera (AKA The Mosquito Net) (Martina Garcia-Ass and Brief Bush and Breasts; Emma Suarez-Breasts)

Foreign Films Without An US Release Date (N to Z):

-Natali (Hyun-Jin Park (Breasts and Ass) Ki Yeon Kim (Breasts and Ass)
-Sennentuntschi (Roxane Mesquida-Breasts and Brief Ass)
-Sin Tetas no Hay Paraiso (AKA No Paradise Without Tits)Isabel Cristina Cadavidad (Full Frontal and Ass;Briefly Visible Labia); Linda Lucia Callejas (Breasts and Brief Ass) to Foreign Films Without An US Release Date (N to Z)
-Sleeping Beauty (Emily Browning-Ass;Possibly More)
-La solitudine dei numeri primi (AKA The Solitude of Prime Numbers) (Alba Rohrwacher-Breasts,Ass and Brief Bush)
-Un Balcon Sur La Mer (Marie-Josée Croze-Breasts))
-Wanna Be (Maja Schoene-Breasts)
-X (Hanna Mangan-Lawrence-Breasts; Viva Blanca-Breasts)

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Movie: Les derniers jours du monde (AKA Happy End ) (France-2009)
Actresses: Omahyra Mota (Full Frontal and Ass) Karin Viard (Bush) ,Clotilde Hesme (Full Frontal) ,
Credit: Thirstyrabbit
Info: H.264 (1008x432)

Detailed info about the nude scenes and the film itself can be found at Thirstyrabbit's site.

F-Sonic (Omahyra Mota-209 MB)

F-sonic (Catherine Frot, Karin Viard, Clotilde Hesme-190 MB)

Omahyra Mota

Catherine Frot, Karin Viard, Clotilde Hesme

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Movie: Alle Anderen (AKA Everyone Else) (Germany-2009)
Actress: Birgit Minichmayr (Breasts)
Credit: Last King of USA
Info: H.264 (704x368)

MovieSNXS (121 MB)

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Movie: Blue Valentine (US-2010)
DVD Release Date: May 10
Actress: Michelle Williams (Breasts and Ass)
DVD Order Link
Credit: El Amigo
Info: XVID (1200x720)

"" target =_blank>

"" target =_blank>

"" target =_blank>

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Television Series: Paper Giants: The Birth of Cleo (Part 2) (Australia-2011)
Actress: Jessica Tovey (Ass and Brief Breasts)
Credit: El Amigo
Info: XVID (640x352)

M-fire (7 MB)

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Television Series: Game of Thrones (Season 1,Episode 1) (US-2011)
Actresses: Emilia Clarke (Breasts and Ass); Esme Bianco (Breasts, Ass, and Brief Bush)
Credit: MVP
Info: MPG (121 MB)

Emilia Clarke

Esme Bianco

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Movie: 8 Uhr 28 (Germany-2010)
Actress: Nadeshda Brennicke (Breasts and Brief Ass)
Credit: El Amigo
Info: MKV/H.264 (1440x1080)

M-Fire (92 MB)

M-Fire (18 MB)

"" target =_blank>

"" target =_blank>

"" target =_blank>