Movie: Camp Dread
DVD Release Date: April 15
Actress Confirmed Nude: Montana Marks (Breasts, Possible Body Double)
NOTE: From Mr. Skin: "Montana Marks has her sports bra unzipped and we see her right breast. She is also stripped down to her panties. As Eric Roberts is watching on a video screen we'll see both breasts. We never quite see her face in the same shot though."

Movie: Evidence
DVD Release Date: April 15
Actress Confirmed Nude: Abigail Richie (Brief Breasts)
NOTE: From Mr. Skin: "A camcorder zooms in on Abigail's cleavage before she pops out some boobage. Nice!"

Movie: The Invisible Woman
DVD Release Date: April 15
Actress Confirmed Nude: Joanna Scanlan (Ass and Left Breast)
NOTE: From Mr. Skin: "(0:32) Buns and left breast on Joanna Scanlan as Ralph Fiennes walks in on her as she turns around."

Movie: Möbius --
DVD Release Date: April 15
Actresses Confirmed Nude: Cecile de France (Ass and Brief Right Breast) Clémence Bollet (Full Frontal)
NOTE: From Mr. Skin: "Cécile takes a slow ride on the D-train. There's a brief shot of her butt and right breast" "Cécile gets out of bed and shows butt and backburger after reaching the big O."

Television Series: Ripper Street: Season 2 -
DVD Release Date: April 15
Actress Confirmed Nude: Elva Trill (Left Breast and Ass;Playing Corpse-Episode 2)
NOTE: From Mr. Skin: "One episode is particularly strange, and features Elva Trill as one of the killer's victims, giving us a good look at her backside as she lays dead on an examiner's table. She also has a tail, which is pretty odd, but when she's flipped over, we get the slightest hint of her left hoot! "

Movie: Scrapper -
Theatrical Release Date: April 19
Actress Anna Giles (Right Breast, Sex Scene)

Movie: Filth --
VOD Premiere Date: April 24
Theatrical Release Date: May 30
Actress: Kate Dickie, Jodie Mccallum, Unidentified Actress (Breasts)
NOTE: From Mr. Skin: "(0:08) Breasts on Jodie Mccallum getting screwed from behind while giving oral to another.(0:13) Breasts on Kate Dickie while riding James McAvoy (0:57) Breasts again on Kate Dickie on all fours on the bed getting it from behind by McAvoy"

Movie: Jeune & Jolie (AKA Young and Beautiful)
Theatrical Release Date: April 25
Actress: Marine Vacth (Breasts and Brief Full Frontal and Ass)
Link to Trailer With Nudity
NOTE: From Nolo at Celebtop: "I've seen Jeune et Jolie(young and beautiful) tonight.first, but I knew it before she is beautiful. then she shows breasts every 5 minutes in the movie. few full nude from side in shower or in bed.only one full frontal and two parts full back are during the heart attack of one of her client(prostitute) but she's running and few seconds.the movie is not bad and I dislike ozon usually (except his ability to get actresses naked for first time)

Movie Art Machine
DVD Release Date: April 29
Actress: Nicki Miller (Full Frontal)

Movie: The Best Offer (AKA La migliore offerta)
DVD Release Date: April 29
Actress Confirmed Nude: Sylvia Hoeks (Breasts and Ass;Brief Bush Visible in Mirror)
NOTE: From Mr. Skin: "Sylvia is indeed practically perfect, and the best view Mr. Skin can offer comes at the 1 hour, 37-minute mark, where she exposes her breasts, bush and backside in the bathtub."

Movie: Escape from Tomorrow
DVD Release Date: April 29
Actress Confirmed Nude: Zan Naar (Breasts and Ass in Thong)
NOTE: From IMDB Parents Guide: "A man goes on the ride soarin' and a naked woman is shown on the screen talking to the man." "In the Siemens laboratory, there are posters of naked women."

Movie: Gloria
DVD Release Date: April 29
Screens: 3
Actress Confirmed Nude: Paulina Garcia (Full Frontal and Ass; Older Actress)

Movie: After the Dark (AKA The Philosophers) --
DVD/Bluray Release Date: May 6
Actress: Sophie Lowe (Brief Right Breast from Side)
NOTE: Sophie Lowe briefly shows right breast while sitting up in bed with a guy after a love scene, but the view is obscured by the light from the window behind her.

Movie: Blood Shed --
DVD Release Date: May 6
Actress: Cherie Daly (Breasts)

Movie: Easy Money: Life Deluxe (AKA Snabba cash - Livet deluxe) -
DVD Release Date: May 13
Actresses: Maja Christenson, Madeleine Martin (Brief Breasts)

Movie: Her
DVD Release Date: May 13
Actress Confirmed Nude: May Lindstrom (Full Frontal and Brief Ass;Pregnant)
NOTE: In Spike Jonze's film Her, May Lindstrom is shown completely nude from the side and front while pregnant.

Television Series: Orange Is The New Black (Season 1) --
DVD Release Date: May 13
Actresses Confirmed Nude: Taylor Schilling (Breasts-Episode 1;Brief Breasts-Episode 13) Laura Prepon (Brief Breasts-Episode 1) Taryn Manning (Right Breast-Episode 12) Yael Stone (Brief Ass-Episode 5)

Movie: Casse-tête chinois (AKA Chinese Puzzle) --
Theatrical Release Date: May 16
Actress Confirmed Nude: Cecile de France (Breasts and Ass, Brief Full Frontal) Flore Bonaventura (Breasts, Brief Full Frontal)
Link to Trailer With Nudity (At 1:20 mark)

Movie: About Last Night
DVD Release Date: May 20
Actress: Joy Bryant (Brief Breasts)

Movie: Broken Side of Time
DVD Release Date: May 20
Actress: Lynn Mancinelli (Breasts, Ass and Brief Bush); Audria Ayers (Full Frontal and Ass); Monique Demopoulos (Full Frontal)

Movie:In Secret (AKA Thérèse)
DVD Release Date: May 20
Actress Confirmed Nude: Elizabeth Olsen (Brief Right Breast)
NOTE: From Mr. Skin: "(0:52) Brief right breast on Elizabeth Olsen during flashes of making love"

Movie: The Right Kind of Wrong --
DVD/Bluray Release Date: May 20
Actresses Confirmed Nude: Sara Canning (Brief Ass and Partial Breasts, Outdoor Sex Scene, Possible Body Double), Louise Robinson (Breasts and Ass, Receiving Cunnilingus)

Movie: Stay --
DVD Release Date: May 20
Actress Confirmed Nude: Taylor Schilling (Brief Left Aureola; In Bathtub)
NOTE: From Mr. Skin: " And you’ll have the same kind of moment when you catch a quick glimpse of Taylor Schilling’s left nip while she soaks in a bath. With nips like that, who’d ever leave her!"

Movie:The Dance of Reality (AKA La danza de la realidad)
Theatrical Release Date: May 23
Actress: Pamela Flores (Full Frontal and Ass)

Movie: Tracks
Theatrical Release Date: May 23
Actress: Mia Wasikowska (Brief Ass)
Link to Trailer(W/Nudity)

Movie: 24 Exposures --
DVD Release Date: May 27
Actresses Confirmed Nude: Helen Rogers,Caitlin Stainkin,Sophia Rosen (Breasts) Sophia Takal,Caroline White (Breasts;Threesome) Rosemary Plain (Left Breast) Lydia Hyslop (Breasts, Ass and Brief Bush)
Link to Red-Band Trailer
NOTE: From Mr. Skin: "Speaking of poking, you’ll be poking through your pants when Caroline White and Sophia lose their tops, bare their boobs and get leztastic with one another."

Movie: 300: Rise of An Empire -
DVD Release Date: June 4
Screens: 3,470
Actress Confirmed Nude: Eva Green (Breasts)
NOTE: Here is a detailed review of Eva Green's topless scene. Credit to Rudedude. The scene starts at around the 55-minute mark: "Here is the good and the bad of it - there are five or six shots of Eva Green's stunning breasts! The bad part is that all of the shots are VERY short. Meaning they will make AMAZING screen-caps but flash by quite quickly in real-time. First shot of her breasts: she is fully clothed and about to get fucked doggy-style. The guy rips off her dress revealing her tits. In this shot we have a medium shot of Eva mostly bent over looking in the camera's direction with a decent shot of her tits. Then she is on top. CLOSE-UP of her tits! For a split nano-second only - and then his hands immediately cover them up. Then when they get off each other violently some brief back and/or side boob. She grabs a sword and they trade insults. Medium shot, Eva looking almost straight at camera. With a sword in her right hand pointing to the side so it doesn't cover her breasts. Two short cuts away and back to - conversation reaction shots. Her lover/adversary is escorted away by guards and then we get the final shot. It lasts a bit longer (3 seconds) and is amazing. Her beautiful long hair SLIGHTLY covers some of her breasts but there she is. In a skirt, sword in hand but completely topless.
I will remember that last shot for a long time to come.

Television Series: True Detective: Season 1 --
DVD/Bluray Release Date: June 17
Actresses: Alexandra Daddario (Breasts, Ass, and Brief Full Frontal-Episode 2) Michelle Monaghan (Brief Breasts-Episode 3) Lili Simmons (Breasts and Ass-Episode 6) Amber Carollo (Breasts, Stripping-Episode 4)

Movie: Almost Human -
DVD Release Date: June 17
Actress Confirmed Nude: Susan T. Travers (Brief Breasts)
From Mr. Skin: "(1:06) Susan T. Travers is attacking with her breasts exposed."

Movie:Third Person
Theatrical Release Date: June 22
Actress Confirmed Nude: Olivia Wilde (Ass, Possibly More)
Link to Trailer (W/Nudity)

Movie: Enemy -
DVD Release Date: June 24
Actresses Confirmed Nude: Sarah Gadon (Breasts; Sex Scene, Showering, Fake Pregnant) Mélanie Laurent (Breasts and Brief Ass, Sex Scene)
NOTE: From "At the beginning of Enemy, Sarah Gadon is sitting naked on a bed briefly. Sarah’s character is pregnant so she’s wearing a prosthetic tummy but she shows her real left breast. About eight minutes later, there are several scenes with Mélanie Laurent having sex in bed. The scenes are short and dark but Mélanie’s breasts are visible in all of them. 74 minutes into the film, Sarah shows her breasts as she is changing. About five minutes later, Mélanie shows her ass and breasts as she is having sex. Mélanie then gets out of bed and we get some better looks at her breasts. Shortly after, Sarah is topless while having sex. The next morning, Sarah is naked while showering. We see Sarah’s breasts and her ass from the side through a translucent shower curtain. There are also several naked extras throughout the film.

Movie: Wish I Was Here
Theatrical Release Date: July 18
Actress: Kayden Kross (Breasts)

Movie: Sin City: A Dame to Kill For
Theatrical Release Date: August 22,2014
Actress: Eva Green

Movie: The Loft (2013)
Theatrical Release Date: August 29, 2014
Actress: Rachael Taylor (Ass and Brief Breasts); Isabel Lucas (Ass)

Movie: The Green Inferno
Theatrical Release Date: September 5
Actresses: Lorenza Izzo (Brief Breasts and Partial Ass) Unidentified Actresses (Breasts)
NOTE: From "Late in The Green Inferno, Lorenza Izzo is naked while some women apply white makeup all over her body. There are a few peeks at Lorenza’s breasts and part of her ass. There are also lots of half-naked natives throughout the film."