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UPDATE: HD Clips are now available. Enemy is available on DVD in the US on June 24, but there is no news about a Bluray version as of yet.

A red-band teaser trailer for Enemy has just come out with some very brief flashes of nudity. At the 22-second mark, there is a dimly-lit look at Sarah Gadon's left breast from the side as she is sitting up on a bed. The trailer can be viewed below. Enemy can currently only be seen on DirectTV's VOD service and it due to arrive in theaters on March 14.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ review of Enemy is now out with more information about Sarah Gadon's and Mélanie Laurent's nudity in the film. Gadon shows breasts and partial ass and Laurent shows breasts and ass.

At the beginning of Enemy, Sarah Gadon is sitting naked on a bed briefly. Sarah’s character is pregnant so she’s wearing a prosthetic tummy but she shows her real left breast. About eight minutes later, there are several scenes with Mélanie Laurent having sex in bed. The scenes are short and dark but Mélanie’s breasts are visible in all of them. 74 minutes into the film, Sarah shows her breasts as she is changing. About five minutes later, Mélanie shows her ass and breasts as she is having sex. Mélanie then gets out of bed and we get some better looks at her breasts. Shortly after, Sarah is topless while having sex. The next morning, Sarah is naked while showering. We see Sarah’s breasts and her ass from the side through a translucent shower curtain. There are also several naked extras throughout the film.

Enemy does not as of yet have a US release date.
One of my blog readers saw a screening of the new Denis Villeneuve film "An Enemy" (starring Jake Gyllenhall) and reports that Mélanie Laurent and Sarah Gadon have nude scenes in the film.

Here is the report:

"Caught a test screening of Canadian director Denis Villeneuve's latest film An Enemy tonight in Toronto.

It stars Jake Gyllenhaal as a man seeking out his exact look-alike after he spots him in a movie.

It co-stars French actress Mélanie Laurent (Inglourious Basterds) and Canadian actress Sarah Gadon (A Dangerous Method, Cosmopolis). Both show frequent skin throughout the film, mostly breasts and possibly brief butt in numerous sex scenes. Gadon's character is pregnant and wearing a prosthetic, so it's possible her breasts were fake as well though... though they looked real enough."

Afterwards, the blog reader sent me a link with an interview with Sarah Gadon, in which she discusses her nude scene in the film.

"‘Can’t you just take your clothes off for this film?’” The last query is not hypothetical. Gadon went back and forth with Villeneuve about appearing nude in An Enemy: She wasn’t sure it was totally necessary. They eventually compromised on a single shot done only in silhouette. But because her character is pregnant, she had to be fitted with a prosthesis, which was so beautiful and realistic that Gadon went back and insisted it be included in the film. “[Villeneuve] said ‘But we had all these meetings about how there would be no nudity!’ Basically, I won the argument against myself,” she says with a laugh. “But I also think he sort of knew how it was going to end up the whole time.”"

There is no release date as of yet, but being an Canadian film, it would not surprise me if it premieres at TIFF in September.

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UPDATE: 1080p Clips are now available.

French actress Nora Arnezeder (Maniac) does her first nude scene in the French film Angélique.

She briefly shows right breast as her lets her gown come off, and then there is a very brief view of her left breast as she falls onto a bed. Most of the nudity comes from the sex scene afterwards. There a multiple close-up views of her breasts while she in on her back, and a couple of views of her butt as she gets on top.

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The next episode of Californication is already available on Showtime On-Demand. In the episode, Nishi Munshi pulls down part of her top to expose her left breast. It is incredibly obvious that she has implants. The episode airs regularly on Showtime this Sunday at 9:30 PM.

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Salem premiered on WGN America last night, and surprisingly there was quite a bit rear nudity. There was a brief aerial view of Azure Parsons' butt as she was being pounded from behind. There were also a couple of brief views of Janet Montgomery's butt as she disrobed and then as she sat down on a bed. In both scenes any topless nudity was obscured by hair.

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UPDATE: The other actress in the orgy has been identified as Xena Avramidis.

On last night's episode of Game of Thrones, Josephine Gillan did another nude scene. She showed full frontal and ass while taking part of a fivesome including Indira Varma (who stayed clothed) and an another unidentified actress (who showed ass) before being interrupted by Tywin.

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Movies premiering in theaters or VOD this week in the US this week containing either confirmed or the possibility of female nudity:

Movie: A Haunted House 2
Theatrical Release Date: April 18
Screens: 2,310
Actresses Confirmed Nude: Unidentified (Breasts)
NOTE: From Common Sense Media: "Two women are shown topless on two occasions."

Movie: Kid Cannabis
Theatrical Release Date: April 18
Actresses Confirmed Nude: Merritt Patterson (Ass) Karyn Halpin (Breasts, Stripping) Unidentified Actresses (Full Frontal and Ass)

Movie: Filth --
VOD Premiere Date: April 24
Theatrical Release Date: May 30
Actress: Kate Dickie, Jodie Mccallum, Unidentified Actress (Breasts)
NOTE: From Mr. Skin: "(0:08) Breasts on Jodie Mccallum getting screwed from behind while giving oral to another.(0:13) Breasts on Kate Dickie while riding James McAvoy (0:57) Breasts again on Kate Dickie on all fours on the bed getting it from behind by McAvoy"

Television episodes or movies premiering this weekend containing either confirmed or the possibility of female nudity:

Television Series: Game of Thrones (Season 4, Episode 3)
Premiere Date: April 20 9:00 PM (HBO)
Actress Confirmed Nude: None
Actresses Possibly Nude: Josephine Gillain, Pixie Le Knot
NOTE: According to Recapped's Twitter, Josephine Gillain, Pixie Le Knot may possibly be nude in the episode.

Movies premiering on DVD in the US this week containing either confirmed or the possibility of female nudity:

Movie: Dark Satanic Magick
DVD Release Date: April 22
Actress Confirmed Nude: Melanie Denholme
NOTE: From Research My Trash: "But basically, the film is owned by Melanie Denholme, not so much because she's got a gorgeous body and gets naked a lot, but without any dialogue (though tons of voice-over) she manages to carry the emotions of her character just beautifully and really keep things moving."

Movie: Scrapper -
DVD Release Date: April 22
Actress: Anna Giles (Right Breast, Sex Scene, Dimly Lit)

Movie: Scream Park
DVD Release Date: April 22
Actress Confirmed Nude: Unidentified (Breasts)
NOTE: From Ryan's Reviews: "SP does have one girl get naked (eww, gross, sex in a toilet that has obviously not been cleaned in a really long time), so that check mark is filled in."

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Britt Robertson has several nude scenes in Undiscovered Gyrl. Around 30 minutes in, Britt is shown having sex with Justin Long missionary style. As Justin thrusts, you can see Britt’s left breast under his arm. The scene is shot overhead and is very, very dark. Near the end of the movie, Britt removes her robe and gets in the bath. The scene is shot from her right side and we see her right breast and ass. Britt is also shown taking two bubble baths and you can very briefly see a bit of nipple in both scenes.

In addition, Britt is also in her underwear in several scenes. One scene in particular has Britt breathing heavily while wearing a lacy red bra that is somewhat see-through. Britt also has a sex scene with Max Carver where you see lots of sideboob. And lastly, there’s a scene with Britt curled up naked in the shower but you can’t really see anything.

Gia Mantegna isn’t in the movie much but she does have a nude scene. About 20 minutes in, Gia is topless as she walks into Britt’s room. The shot is somewhat out of focus but you do see Gia’s face and breasts. Gia is then asked to put some clothes on and we see Gia grab her boobs and cover her nipples with her fingers.

Undiscovered Gyrl premieres at the Nashville Film Festival tonight at 7PM (CST).

This is a blog that will detail upcoming female nude scenes in theaters, on DVD, and on television. NOTE:Descriptions of nudity and links to picture and video content will be included. If that offends you,please use the back button.


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