Black Sails S02E01 (Lise Slabber-Full Frontal and Ass;Wearing Merkin)

Lise Slabber was naked during last night's season premiere of Black Sails. She briefly shows breasts while on top of Charles Vane (Zach McGowan) and then a full butt shot and full frontal with merkin while putting her clothes back on after Eleanor Guthrie (Hannah New) walks into the room.

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Everly (Salma Hayek-Ass)

Salma Hayek shows her butt in the film Everly, which premiered on VOD January 23. She is shown at the very beginning of the film nude in a bathroom, but her butt is the only actual nudity shown. The scene is shot from above so it it not exactly the best view. There is a shower scene later in the film but nothing is shown.

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House of Lies S04E03 (Jenny Slate-Ass)

On this Sunday's episode of House of Lies (which premiered early this week on Showtime Anytime) , Jenny Slate shows rear nudity.  At the end of the episode, she is shown fully naked from behind outside. It starts from close-up before the camera starts panning away. This is not Slate's firt nude scene as she also showed her behind in a episode last season of FX's show Married and did not use a body double as evidenced from this article.

Clips of the scene are already available. House of Lies airs Sunday night at 10 PM on Showtime.


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We're Back

Apologies for the sudden and unforeseen downtime. We have been back up since yesterday. It looks like everything is running as it should be but if not please alert us via the contact form or on Twitter.

The reason for the downtime without getting into all the nitty gritty was this. The web host said there was an issue we needed to address and then before we could they restricted access to the sites so we couldn't even begin trying to address things. It would have been Day 4 this morning and they just got back to us to allow us to start doing such. Completely unacceptable practices and obviously we were back up before then. I seen the writing on the wall with the first message from them and immediately began looking for a better host and began the process of moving all sites. I was finally able to restore them yesterday because of that. So if you are ever looking for web hosting and have any site that attracts a decent amount of visitors don't ever consider utilizing Hostgator. They once were great and have become atrocious the last couple years when the company was sold.

As I said we are on a new host now under a much more robust hosting environment that we are still tinkering with. So glitches here and there might be possible but we should be much more secure now than before. Thanks for baring with us during this transition time and apologies for not having the ability of advance warning.

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Togetherness S01E02 (Amanda Peet-Breasts)

In tonight's episode of Togetherness, Amanda Peet unhooks her bra from the front and exposes her breasts to Steve Zissis. This scene occurs at around the 10:30 mark in the episode.

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Girls S04E02 (Jemima Kirke-Ass, Bush Visible Under See-Thru Underwear)

From MK in the comments section.

Episode 2 features Jemima Kirke’s character walking around her apartment in see-through underwear. Landing strip visible. She then moons Dunham’s character on a webcam. Could be a body double, but I doubt it. Nice tan lines!

Girls airs tomorrow night at 9 PM on HBO.





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Banshee S03E02 (Tanya Clarke-Breasts;Others-Breasts and Brief Ass)

Description Not Mine.

Disappointing episode of Banshee tonight, with none of the nudity supplied by series regulars.

26 minutes in: A couple women I didn't recognize take part in a threesome. After checking the closing credits, I think they're Drea Garcia and Trinity Wright, but consider that unconfirmed for now. Anyway, both show breasts and there are some hints of ass as well.

30 minutes in: Tanya Clarke is topless in bed. We see her breasts, but the lighting's not great.

Non-nude scenes of note: A guy unbuttoning Ivana Milicevic's pants and going down on her; Lili Simmons going for a swim in a white bikini; attractive guest star Surely Alvelo as a hooker paying a house call in bra and panties; Odette Annable showing some cleavage and generally acting like a badass; Afton Williamson getting hit on by a guy (which I suspect might pay off later in the season); Meaghan Rath making a fetching debut in her deputy uniform. There's also a quick flashback to Ivana's sex scene from last week, but I don't think it was anything new.

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Gemma Bovery (Gemma Arterton-Brief Right Breast)

Gemma Arterton shows most of her right breast in the French film Gemma Bovery. During a sex scene her right breast pops almost fully out of her bra while she is on her back. The view is quite close-up and in good light, but her very erect nipple is only visible for a few seconds.

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Nudity in Just Released Amazon Pilots (Leslie Bibb-Ass;Diora Baird-Brief Breasts, Others)

Descriptions not mine.

Leslie Bibb sashays down a catwalk wearing nothing but a couple strategically placed scarves about 25 minutes into the new Amazon pilot Salem Rogers. A few glimpses of sideboob (probably wearing pasties) and several looks at her FANTASTIC ass. There are moments where you see her butt and face in one continuous shot, so I'm virtually certain it's not a double.

Playboy Playmate twins Kristina Shannon and Karissa Shannon get topless (save for some ammunition) and rub their bare breasts into Jason Lee's face about 2 minutes into the pilot episode of Cocked. More importantly, there's a montage around the 32 minute mark of Diora Baird snorting coke and having sex around various parts of a room. On a couch, on the floor, on top of a pool table, etc. There's also a bit where she's standing up playing an arcade shooter game naked. She's in bra and panties for much of the montage, though, so the actual nudity is fairly brief. Three quick shots of her legendary breasts (from a bit of a distance) and some side views below the waist.

Jodie Smith (who was in that trio of bloody, naked sirens on True Blood) bares breasts and butt in a long, noisy, enthusiastic sex scene about 18 minutes into the Mad Dogs pilot. 

All of the pilots are currently available for streaming in the US at Amazon Instant Video.




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Mr. Skins Top 3 Lesbian Scenes of 2014

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