Nude on Netflix Week of 08/31/16

Blue is the Warmest Color- This one likely needs no introduction. Léa Seydoux and Adèle Exarchopoulos take part in some of the most infamous lesbian scenes in recent cinema history. Nudity by both throughout.

The Concubine- Yeo-Jeong Jo is nude in four scenes showing ass and breasts.

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Mr. Skin Back to School Special

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Nude on Netflix Week of 08/24/16

My Golden Days- Lou Roy-Lecollinet shows ass and breasts across three scenes. Mélodie Richard shows full frontal nudity.

Working Girl- In this classic Elizabeth Whitcraft does full frontal nudity. Melanie Griffith shows breasts in two scenes.

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Nude on Netflix Week of 08/17/16

Kelly & Cal- Juliette Lewis is nude in two scenes. One of which is full nudity.

Final Destination 3- Chelan Simmons and Crystal Lowe both show breasts and butt in a tanning booth scene.

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2 Nights Till Morning - Marie-Josée Croze

2 Nights Till Morning review from our friends at Recapped.

About 16 minutes into 2 Nights Till MorningMarie-Josée Croze gives us several glimpses of her breasts in bed. Later, Marie-Josée walks around topless for a bit before finally covering up.

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The Girl in the Photographs- Autumn Kendrick

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Streaming Service- Netflix

Nude Stars- Autumn Kendrick

Scene Location- 1:08:40, 1:17:27

First scene is spread over around three minutes and is interspersed with cut aways to other scenes in the house. However during it we see Autumn topless on top of her man having sex. Fantastic views of her breasts throughout.

The second scene is post coitus and Autumn is sitting at the end of the bed naked on her phone. More views of her breasts. She stands up and there might be a brief flash of bush then as she is getting dressed with the lights off we get a profile views of her ass. 

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Nude on Netflix Week of 08/10/16

Crossing Point- Rosy Sanchez has a topless scene in a strip club.

Zack and Miri Make a Porno- Katie Morgan has 4 nude scenes showing breasts and butt among them. Lena Cheney does a full frontal scene.

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Frank and Lola Nudity Info

An early review from our friends at Recapped.

Frank & Lola starts with a naked Imogen Poots in a dark room. The entire 2+ minute scene is shot from the side mostly and Imogen spends most of it on her back. There are many closeups of Imogen’s breasts while the farther shots show close to full frontal nudity but her legs are up blocking the view.

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Nude on Netflix Week of 08/03/16

The Tribe- Yana Novikova has 5 scenes in which she is nude. Two of which are full nudity.

Tricked- Gaite Jansen is topless in two scenes.

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Nude on Netflix Week of 07/27/16

The Invitation- Lindsay Burdge shows lower frontal nudity. Tammy Blanchard is topless in a bathtub scene.

Marcella- Anna Friel is nude in 2 episodes. Florence Pugh is topless in 2 episodes.

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