Dartmoor Killing -Gemma-Leah Devereux and Rebecca Night

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Streaming Service - Netflix

Nude Stars - Gemma-Leah Devereux and Rebecca Night

Scene Location - 43:47, 56:01

43:47 Both Gemma and Rebecca's ass are seen from behind as they wade into a stream to skinnydip. 

56:01 Very quick and brief nipple from Gemma as she is being held down on the bed.

Othere scene of note is at 28:40 Rebecca is undressed and has sex but no obvious nudity is shown.



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Dark - Alexandra Breckenridge & Whitney Able

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Streaming Network - Netflix

Nude Stars - Alexandra Breckenridge and Whitney Able

Scene Locations - Opening Scene, 57:25

Scene opens with Alexandra topless on top of a topless Whitney kissing her. She then goes down her body giving a better view of Whitney's breasts. We also see Alexandra's breasts intermittently as they move around. Then Whitney rolls over showing more breasts while Alexandra stays on top of her and Whitney tries to get her to be more forceful. Very lengthy scene with long and lengthy shots of both women's breasts throughout. 

57:25 Whitney Able topless. Removes top while running bath water. Then topless mirror reflection. Side boob in mirror when turns away as well as brief ass shot. Breasts going under water. Another lengthy scene with well shown nudity.

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Ads, Server Upgrade and Site Info

Content posts are currently on hold as the server has been suffering hardware failures. Once we are moved to a new server we can formulate new posts. I expect the move to occur sometime this week. While there shouldn't be much downtime if there are problems loading the site that is why. If any serious issues arise we will post updates on our Twitter. The link for our twitter can be found on the right side of the page.

This site is not a job or a revenue earner. If it was we would be able to put more focus into it like we want to. However we still have to have jobs in real life and devote our spare time to the site. Even though the site isn't updated as often as we want it still costs a few thousands of dollars a year to host it which brings us to advertisements.

Over the years we have gotten our fair share of snarky comments because of the advertisements that run on the site. The reality is the income from those advertisements are what have allowed us to run this site for over a decade. However they are becoming less and less reliable to that end. We have had offers to sell the site over the years but have chosen not to because once that occurs the site would be changed and no longer free of corporate or other influences. If we had the funds to host the site without needing ads displayed on every page we would definitely do that.

As I said it costs a decent amount to host the site each year and that will go up with this new server because it is much better in every spec category. If we could community fund the server costs I could cease displaying the ads all the time and only do so with an occasional post. It will cost between $2,500 - $3,000 for the year for this new server. So I leave this offer to you community members. If you would like to help in any way towards that you can do so by sending PayPal payment to phatchopolis@yahoo.com.

This is not required and by no means is the site changing. It will always be free as long as we operate it. I'm just floating an idea to kill two birds with one stone. 

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Personal Shopper - Kristen Stewart

Great nudity upcoming from Kristen from this early review from our friends at Recapped.

Kristen Stewart has two nude scenes in Personal Shopper.

The first scene is approximately 20 minutes in: Kristen is laying topless on her side facing the camera as a doctor performs an ultrasound on her heart. She remains topless as she sits up, getting dressed only after the doctor gives her the prognosis. Fairly long scene, extremely well lit – think doctor’s office lighting.

Then approximately 80 minutes in comes the best nudity of Stewart’s career to date and likely one of the best nude scenes of 2016. This is the scene featured in that leaked still from the Cannes Film Festival earlier this year.

Alone in her boss’s apartment, Kristen’s character is goaded via text message to start trying on her rich client’s fancy clothes. She pours herself a drink, downs it, and then strips down to only thong underwear. She slowly walks around the walk-in closet topless with some great shots of her butt reflected in the mirror. She then tries on a cupless black bra that resembles a piece of bondage gear and examines herself in the mirror, before removing it, putting on a sheer dress meant to accompany it, and putting the bra back on again. It’s at this point that she makes her way to the bedroom and begins masturbating. You don’t see anything, but it’s a very hot end to the scene, which is very well lit and done in one long take.

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Nude on Netflix Week of 09/14/16

The Automatic Hate- Adelaide Clemens shows brief breasts in a scene while stripping down. Catherine Carlen and Vienna Stampeen both show full nudity.

Babel- Rinko Kikuchi has 5 nude scenes. Sprinkled through them she does full frontal and shows her butt.

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Below Her Mouth Nudity Review

A detailed breakdown of this film currently on the festival tour by our friends at Recapped. Fans of rphan Black may recognize Natalie Krill as she appeared in a couple of episodes in 2015. Mayko Nguyen has been in a number of things including most recently the fantastic Slasher series which can be seen on Netflix.

Below Her Mouth stars Natalie Krill and Erika Linder in a movie that will probably draw some comparisons to Blue is the Warmest Color due to the somewhat explicit lesbian sex scenes. Here is a breakdown of the numerous nude scenes:

00 mins – Erika and Mayko Nguyen have sex but we only see glimpses of Mayko’s breasts. We see them both topless after sex. Then we see Mayko’s ass and some out of focus full frontal.

20 mins – Erika walks around her apartment topless.

24 mins – Natalie takes a bath naked with the faucet running. Natalie then cradles the bathtub and we see a brief non-explicit closeup of the water hitting her bush. Then a farther shot where Natalie’s legs are blocking most of the action.

33 mins – Natalie and Erika have sex in an alley. Natalie’s panties are removed and we see her bush briefly before Erika goes to town. Then Erika’s top is removed and she unzips and pulls out a toy cock she was wearing. Erika then proceeds to fuck Natalie and we also get a glimpse of Natalie’s left breast as her dress is lowered.

37 mins – Continuation of previous sex scene but now Natalie and Erika are in the bedroom. Erika is topless and then we see her shaved vagina as she removes the strap on she was wearing. Natalie pulls her dress off and now both of them are fully naked. They have sex missionary style and we see both of their breasts and Erika’s ass.

39 mins – Natalie wakes up in bed and we see her breasts.

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Nude on Netflix Week of 09/07/16

Road Trip- Amy Smart, Aliya Campbell, Aerica D'Amaro, Bridgett Wise and Jaclyn DeSantis all have topless scenes.

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Night Owls - Rosa Salazar

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This is a fun little flick with some charm and heart. Begins with a seemingly run of the mill one night stand. From there is when it get more interesting. It hits all the right notes from each side and works well. Definitely go out of your way to watch for Rosa's performance alone.

Streaming Network- Netflix

Nude Stars- Rosa Salazar

Scene Location- 16:54

This is a fairly quick scene. Without giving too much away while Rosa is being dragged into the shower we see both of her breasts.

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Brimstone Nudity Review

There were hopes by some that Dakota Fanning would show some nudity in this but early reviews suggest not. She has sex scenes but remains clothed and in a couple scenes has a somewhat see thru top. Various other actresses are shown in differing levels of undress.

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Two Lovers and a Bear - Tatiana Maslany

Early Recapped review of the film and it is good news for Orphan Black fans.

Tatiana Maslany has two nude scenes in Two Lovers and a Bear.

About 25 minutes in, Tatiana shows her breasts while having sex in bed with Dane DeHaan’s character. Long scene.

Then about 50 minutes in, Tatiana has another sex scene during a conjugal visit with DeHaan’s character. Brief shot of her butt as they get undressed and then both breasts with her shirt open. Long scene. Lingering shots of her breasts as they lie on the floor together afterwards.

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