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Westworld Season 1 Episode 7

From our friends at Recapped.

Another Sunday, another episode of Westworld with Thandie Newton nude. She has company this time however as this episode also features Angela Sarafyan topless and Tessa Thompsonnaked from behind.

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Shameless Season 7 Episode 6

Via Recapped.

Ruby Modine is naked again on Sunday’s upcoming Shameless. There are much better views of Ruby’s breasts during her nude scenes in this episode compared to the previous episodes. Isidora Goreshter is also naked during a sex scene but you don’t really see much.

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Westworld Season 1 Episode 5

Thandie Newton is seen lying nude on a slab in the lab. At the end of the episode, you again see Thandie nude on the slab except now you see a bit of bush.

Evan Rachel Wood shows part of her ass sitting in the chair a few times. Evan’s left breast is also visible from the side a few times but again her hair is in the way most of the time.

The much talked about orgy scene also happens in this episode. There are lots of female and male extras nude and engaged in various sex acts. Nothing too explicit but still interesting.

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Bad Girl Nudity Info

Early info from our friends at Recapped.

Bad Girl is another Australian movie that is making its way around the festival circuit. Unlike Hounds of Love though, there is a lot less nudity.

23 mins – Sara West is shown topless from behind with a bit of side boob in the shower. Sara then turns around but her arm is covering her breasts

28 mins – Samara Weaving is swimming nude in the pool. The scene is shot from above so we see Samara’s ass but it is really dark so it is hard to tell if it is really Samara.

40 mins – Samara (in her bra) and Sara make out with some heavy petting.

47 mins – Samara is shown topless from behind briefly with a hint of sideboob as she drops her towel and changes her top.

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Masters of Sex Season 4 Episode 8

Lizzy Caplan finally has her first nude scene of the season on Sunday’s Masters of Sex. Near the end of the episode, Lizzy is naked while having sex.

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Shameless Season 7 Episode 5

Emmy Rossum finally has her first nude scene of the season on Sunday’s Shameless. Near the beginning of the episode, Emmy is naked having sex and getting dressed afterwards.

As an added bonus, the episode starts with a topless Ruby Modine. And there’s a random blonde topless for a bit later on also.

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Shameless Season 7 Episode 3

Via Recapped.

Another nude debut this weekend as Sunday’s Shameless starts with a naked Ruby Modinehaving sex. Shanola Hampton also has a brief topless scene.

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    Shameless Season 7 Episode 2

    Nudity review from our friends at Recapped for Sunday's episode.

    On Sunday’s ShamelessArden Myrin shows her ass and some sideboob as she removes her dress. Sandra Hinojosa is also naked during a sex scene and Alyssa LeBlanc is a topless maid.

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      The Girl on the Train

      Early detailed review of nudity in the movie from Mr. Skin.

      (0:01) Haley Bennett on the balcony in her bra and shorts in an open robe.
      (0:06) Haley Bennett in yoga pants and sports bra doing pilates and then jogging.
      (0:15) Haley Bennett in the shower behind the glass. There is a shot from the front that may show some shaded bush, though her arms are in front of her chest.
      (0:27) Bare back on Emily Blunt with bruises and bloodstains as she looks at her phone. Then she is in the bathtub but we only see her shoulders and knees.
      (0:38) Haley Bennett lifts up her skirt at the psychiatrist’s office and we get a close look at her panties from the front. It then cuts to her riding a guy in bed and we see the upper half of her buns.
      (0:45) Haley Bennett is screwed in the woods against a tree with her pants all the way down.
      (0:49) Partial buns on Haley Bennett getting out of the bathtub screaming and some partial left boob.
      (1:02) Haley Bennett climbs out of the bathtub. We see her left breast from the side. Then buns outside as she stands fully naked, but still keeps her arms in front of her chest to show just inner cleavage.
      (1:05) Haley Bennett standing on the balcony showing partial bra in an open robe.
      (1:08) Rebecca Ferguson pulls her dress down. Very quick shot.
      (1:18) Haley Bennett in her bra on the balcony stretching in an open robe and shorts.

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