A Bigger Splash Nudity Report - Dakota Johnson Tilda Swinton

A Bigger Splash stars Dakota Johnson and Tilda Swinton and is currently screening at the Venice Film Festival. Recapped among others has an early report from the festival.

A little over an hour into A Bigger Splash, there is a distant shot of Dakota Johnson standing on some rocks full frontal naked. Dakota then proceeds to lie down and we get some more views of her breasts as the camera zooms in. Later on, Dakota is topless briefly while sitting in bed. Dakota also wears lots of see-through tops throughout the film.

Tilda Swinton is also naked quite a bit in this film but does not show full frontal nudity.

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Basketball Sized Boobs - Mr. Skin

This week we are featuring a killer playlist at Mr. Skin. If you like large breasted ladies than this is the one for you. Here's a small example of what you get. We've included some images of a few from this list after.

1. Alexandra Daddario in True Detectives Daddario first busts out her handcuffs and boobs before baring it all for Woody and all of us!

2. Kelly Brook in Survival Island Kelly sheds her suit top and heads out for a swim. When she heads back to shore she gives us a great view of tan tits!

3. Eva Amurri Martino in Californication Eva Amurri stuns as a stripper baring her huge rack for all to see!

4. Kelly Preston in Mischief A Mr. Skin classic, Kelly takes off her bra to give us a good look at her renowned rack!

5. Alice Eve in Crossing Over Alice leans back into bed to reveal her humongous cannons!

6. Jessica Pare in Hot Tub Time Machine Pare's perfect pair comes out to splash around in the hot tub!

7. Salma Hayek in Fria Hayek's awesome fun bags come out to play in this awesome lesbian scene with Karine Plantadit-Bageot!

8. Lake Bell in How to Make It in America Bell's outstanding rack is seen as she gets out of bed.

9. Kristen Dunst in Melancholia Kirsten lies down giving us a full frontal under a full moon!

Check out the rest of the Best Celeb Basketball Sized Boobs list at Mrskin.com!

image host image host image host image host

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Masters of Sex S03E08 - Caitlin Fitzgerald

Via Recapped

Caitlin FitzGerald is topless on Sunday’s Masters of Sex. There are also some uncredited naked dancers. For those of you who keep asking, Emily Kinney makes her first appearance and starts her sex surrogate training.

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Masters of Sex S03E07 - Lizzy Caplan Helene Yorke

Via Recapped

Lizzy Caplan is again topless briefly at the beginning of the next Masters of SexHeléne Yorke volunteers to be a sex surrogate and is also naked in this episode. And there are some other topless test subjects and dancers.

Masters of Sex airs tonight on Showtime tat 10 P.M. EST 

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Ballers, Masters of Sex and Ray Donovan Nudity for Weekend

Via Recapped.

On Masters of SexLizzy Caplan is topless briefly at the beginning of the episode.

On Ray DonovanAlyssa Diaz shows her breasts. There is also nudity from some extras.

And Ballers has some random girls naked in some photos.


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Netflix Nudity Update and Other

In lieu of a lack of much in the way of nude news on shows we have been working on the introduction of the listing of movies with nudity on Netflix. We should be unveiling that pretty soon. Any movie that we have reviewed on the site will link to our review page. Other movies will link to Mr. Skin's page on the movie so you can get an idea on who was naked and what was shown in the scene. This will be an evolving feature with different looks and information added over time. Once we have it active when an addition is added to the list we will make a post about what has been added. There will be a link to the list page in the menu at the top of the site.

If there are suggestions you have for movies to check on Netflix you can use the Contact Us link at the top of the site or contact us on Twitter. You can also follow us on Twitter as we simultaneously post any info there when it goes live on the site. Our Twitter is in the sidebar on the right side of the page. Thanks for the continued patronage and support.

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Ballers & Ray Donovan Nudity - Sunday July 19

Some info from our friends at Recapped regarding tomorrow night's episodes.

On Sunday’s BallersJazmyn Simon shows part of her ass. Zashia Monique Santiago maybe shows part of her ass too.

Sunday’s Ray Donovan has Krystal Harris naked briefly. Then the week after, Christy Williams is topless.

 Ballers airs Sundays at 10 P.M. Eastern on HBO. Ray Donovan airs Sundays at 9 P.M. Eastern on Showtime

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Nude Streaming Pick - Devil Seed


Nude Streaming Service - Netflix

Scene Locations - 04:13, 56:50

Nude Stars - Vanessa Broze

In the first scene we see Vanessa from behind riding her man. Camera then pans overhead and slightly in front for full view of her right breast and a decent view of her left breast. They are interrupted and we get a side view of her right breast and nipple.

In the second scene Vanessa is in the shower. We open with a shot behind quickly showing her ass. As she turns around we get a clear shot of both her breasts. There are a couple of returning shots of her rubbing her breasts cleaning before she is startled and turns the shower off. When she peaks through the curtain to see what is going on there is a brief lower frontal shot from farther away.

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Nude Streaming Pick - Dark Touch

image host

Nude Streaming Service - Netflix

Scene Location - 1:22:57

Nude Stars - Marcella Plunkett

This is a different type of horror flick from the English. So the scene isn't sexy. Marcella's character and that of her husband are in a tub of blood being bathed by three kids. Marcella's breasts are both in full view above the blood for multiple shots during the scene.

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Mr. Skin Entourage Deal

Simple, Free Image and File Hosting at MediaFire

Entourage is infamous for the bevy of beauties that have been nude on the series over the years. The movie is currently in theaters delivering even more. We have teamed up for a special deal for a Mr. Skin membership in honor of the movie. Take advantage of this special offer which will grant access to the Entourage playlist with every nude scene ever from the series. In addition you get all the other goodies Mr. Skin has.

Click Here For This Low Priced Mr. Skin Deal

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