Nude Streaming Pick - Jug Face 2013 (Lauren Ashley Carter Breasts)


Streaming Service - Amazon Prime Instant Video, Hulu, Netflix

Scene Location - 04:18

Nude Stars - Lauren Ashley Carter

Lauren Ashley Carter is being begged for sex in this scene. We later in the film find out it is her brother. They go behind a tree and Lauren's dress is pulled down from the top and we see her right and then left breast in full view briefly before the scene cuts away the first time. The scene returns and we see both breasts in full view again as she raises her arms and pulls the brother's shirt over his head. The scene cuts back and forth a couple of more times while they have sex against the tree. Each time we see a full shot of her right breast.

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Ray Donovan S02E06 (Andrea Bogart-Breasts, Brooke Smith-Right Breasts)

Last night's episode of Ray Donovan featured topless scenes  from Andrea Bogart and Brooke Smith.

Bogart showed breasts while sitting on top of Hank Azaria during a spouse-swapping sex scene. Sherilyn Fenn was also in the scene, but kept her clothes on.

Smith was shown lying topless in bed on her back, with her right breast visible, after her character had sex.





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Masters of Sex S02E06 (Sarah Silverman-Breasts)

Sarah Silverman showed breasts while putting her clothes back on after being in bed with Annaleigh Ashford.  Mostly it is her right breast visible from the side, but you do get to see a couple of brief views of her left breasts as she is putting pants on.

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Outlander S01E02 (Laura Donnelly-Breasts, Caitriona Balfe-Breasts and Brief Ass )

On last night's episode of Outlander, Laura Donnelly, playing Jaime's sister, shows breasts as her character's breasts is forcefully torn open while being threatened by Black Jack Randall.

Catriona Balfe shows breasts as she removes her bra and with some full nudity from the side as the rest of her clothing is removed while being dressed by Mrs. Fitzgibbons.


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Nude Streaming Pick - Cracks 2009 (Eva Green Juno Temple Maria Valverde Breasts)

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Streaming Service - Netflix

Scene Location - 29:44

Nude Stars - Eva Green, Juno Temple, Maria Valverde

Eva leads the girls she teaches out for a night of naked swimming. We see Eva disrobe and get a couple of views of her left breast including nipple. We also see some side breast from Juno Temple and Maria Valverde. The other girls are shown from a far off shot when they disrobe and jump in the water and we also see some shots from below while they are all swimming.

Non-Nude Scene of Note - Later in the movie Eva Green takes advantage of a passed out Maria Valverde and begins making out with her. Kissing her on the lips and beginning to undress her.

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Matador S01E05 (Natalie Martinez-Breasts, Pierced Nipples)

On the previous episode of Matador, which aired Tuesday evening on the El Rey Network, Natalie Martinez (Broken City) was topless during a sex scene. Her breasts (with pierced nipples) were shown a few seconds during the scene as she was lying on her back.

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White Bird in a Blizzard (Shailene Woodley Breasts)

We've gotten asked bout Shailene nude in her upcoming film. She shows her breasts on three occasions.

From a user who seen an advanced screening:

I saw a screening of Bird in a White Blizzard yesterday. Shailene Woodley was magnificent. We get 3 very clear looks at her breasts (sometimes the hair gets a bit in the way but there's still a lot to look at).
Pretty good movie too.

As well as a follow up:

 Just so you guys don't get TOO hyped, the scenes are short and her hair (yup, pretty long hair in this movie) is a bit in the way for 2 of the three scenes. It's still much better than what we've got so far from her.

Mr. Skin has a more thorough and descriptive breakdown of the scenes as well at White Bird in a Blizzard

The move is released on VOD September 25 and a theatrical run on October 24.

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Ray Donovan S02E05 (Paula Malcomson-Breasts)

On last night's episode of Ray Donovan, Paula Malcolmson showed breasts while sitting up in bed and taking a selfie.

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The Leftovers S01E07 (Carrie Coon-Breasts and Brief Ass)

Last night, The Leftovers had it's first female nudity of the entire series. About 50 minutes into the episode, Carrie Coon shows breasts and brief ass during a sex scene. She very briefly shows her left breast in bed afterwards.

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Nude Streaming Pick - Lizzie(Aurora Snow & Shawna Waldron Breasts)

Streaming Service - Netflix

Scene Location - 55:55

Nude Actress - Aurora Snow

Aurora Snow plays the mistress that Amanda Baker's character imagines her boyfriend having an affair with. Scene opens with a close up of Aurora's left breast and nipple as she is riding. We then see both breasts in full view as she is standing taking it from behind. Two different times of a few seconds each.

Scene Location - 1:11:11

Nude Actress - Shawna Waldron

Shawna Waldron's character is being attacked by the Andrew Borden character. He grips her bra and pulls it down and we see her right breast exposed for a number of seconds during the scene.


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