2014 Babe of the Year Deal

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The 2014 Babe of the Year contest is winding down on our sister site. To celebrate the finalists we have arranged an amazing deal with Mr. Skin for UpcomingNudeScenes.net visitors. As we know Mr. Skin has thousands upon thousands of actresses, movies and TV shows catalogued and updates daily with new content. Every finalists in the Babe of the Year contest has done nude scenes and Mr. Skin has them all. If you sign up now you can take advantage of an exclusive 7 day free trial offer.

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Bare (Dianna Agron-Breasts)

Bare premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival tonight and there is confirmation that Dianna Agron bared breasts multiple times during the movie while playing a stripper.

"How much Dianna nudity was there, if any? *asking the pervy/shallow questions*"

"I think there's like two scenes or three where you see her boobs there's an intense girl-girl sex scene.


"Yes there was nudity yes there was sex scenes yes Dianna cries yes Dianna strips on a pole yes yes yes"


"Yes, Dianna is topless and does a fairly explicit lesbian sex scene while so. As I've said, she looks beyond beautiful and perfect"


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Nude Streaming Pick - The Canal (Hannah Hoekstra - Breasts)

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Nude Streaming Service - Netflix

Scene Location - 16:50

Nude Stars - Maura Foley

This is a fairly quick and unsexy flashback scene. We see Maura's fully body nude through quick cuts but she is bloodies and all cut up from being murdered.

Scene Location - 21:37

Nude Stars - Hannah Hoekstra

Hannah's character is having sex on the floor. She is completely nude but we only see her right breast from the camera angle. The scene changes from her to her husband watching having caught her having an affair. We get multiple shots of her during the scene in the same position while having sex. Lasts around 30 seconds though it is flashed back to a couple of times later in the film.

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Looking to see how the site is responding when you visit. We will utilize the data to see if we need better hardware in the future.

Nude Streaming Pick- Crowsnest (Mittita Barber - Breasts)

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Nude Streaming Service - Netflix

Scene Location - 05:21

Nude Stars - Mittita Barber

Boyfriend is utilizing a new camcorder in the bathroom. We see Mittita in the mirror from behind. A very quick slip of her nipple as she is not wearing a shirt. She pushed her boyfriend out of the room. He returns seconds later and we see both breasts quickly when she turns around.

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Shameless S05E12 (Emmy Rossum, Kate Morgan Chadwick, Bojana Novakovic)

From Recapped.com: Tomorrow’s season finale of Shameless starts with Emmy Rossum having sex. We then see an unidentified actress (probably Kate Morgan Chadwick) naked. Then Bojana Novakovic has a trio of nude scenes throughout the rest of the episode: changing out of her bikini, having sex, and skinnydipping. http://www.recapped.com/celebrity-nudity-rumors-april-4

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Game of Thrones Season 5, Episode 1-4 Nudity Review (Carice Van Houten-Breasts;Others)

MK posted his review of the nudity in the first four episodes of this season's Game of Thrones and the news is quite disappointing. Episode 1:

In one of the first scenes, a nameless Unsullied travels to a brothel in Dany’s new capital. Several extras show their breasts as he enters the building. The woman he ends up with strips completely nude before covering up with a sarong , ending up only topless. Things get unpleasant after that. Later in the episode Emilia Clarke is seen nude in bed post-coitus, but sadly she’s covered by a blanket and offers up just a hint of side boob. There’s a lot of Daario (Michael Huisman) butt in this scene.

http://www.recapped.com/celebrity-nudity-rumors-march-28#comment-197255 Episode 3: Natalie Dormer (Margaery Tyrell) is naked under a blanket after a wedding night romp with King Tommen. Maybe a flash of her right breast as the blanket moves at one point (doubtful) and a view of her naked back when she gets up to put on a robe – no butt! Also a lot of random full frontal nudity at Littlefinger’s brothel in this episode. There’s whore dressed like Daenerys who shows off her butt quite a bit in a brothel visited by Tyrion. Episode 4: Carice Van Houten (Melisandre) opens her dress for Jon Snow, revealing her breasts. It’s very cold at the Wall. More random prostitute nudity at Littlefinger’s brothel. http://www.recapped.com/celebrity-nudity-rumors-march-28#comment-197418 This season premieres on April 12.

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Shameless S05E11 (Various Breasts Ass)

Via Recapped:

Sasha Alexander has another nude scene on tomorrow’s Shameless. Sasha shows her ass and breasts during a sex scene. Bojana Novakovic shows part of her ass during a sex scene and later shows her breasts as she is getting changed. Shanola Hampton also shows her breasts during a sex scene. Finally, Emily Bergl is topless during a scene but it may be the work of some special effects since there are booster cables clamped on her nipples.

Shameless airs tomorrow Sunday March 29 at 9pm EST on Showtime. 

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Mr. Skins Whack-It Bracket

Forget March Madness. Mr. Skin is running an even more fun tournamewnt again this year. Check out the video and follow through. See the celebs nude and vote for free.

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The Road Within (Zoë Kravitz-Breasts)

Zoë Kravitz (daughter of Lisa Bonet and Lenny Kravitz) does her first nude scene in the film "The Road Within", which premieres in theaters and on VOD April 17.

Kravitz is first shown lying naked in a grassy field with Robert Sheehan thrusting on top of her. Her breasts are only briefly visible here as the view is obscured by weeds. There is one brief clear shot of her right nipple as she turns over. Her naked back is shown but there is no butt visible. There is a other brief glimpse of breasts as she puts her shirt on, but the best view afterwards are when her breasts are shown clearly in full from a medium distance as she is flashing someone.

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