The Leftovers S02E01 - Sandy Garza Brittany Angley

The Leftovers Season 2 Episode 1 Nudity Report:

Sandy Garza and Brittany Angley are both topless in the cold opening.

Jasmin Savoy Brown, Violett Beane, and Katy Harris are all full frontal while running together nude in the woods. Scene is shot in broad daylight.

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Mr. Skin's Top 10 Movie Babes in Shades

This week we bring you Mr. Skin's list of the top babes in shades in film. Check out all the images after the jump and click the link to get a stellar deal to see all the videos and other great content Mr. Skin provides.

Top 10 Movie Babes In Shades

10. Rachel Weisz in Stealing Beauty

9. Sarah Michelle Gellar in Cruel Intentions

8. Natalie Portman in Anywhere But Here

7. Tare Reid in The Big Lebowski

6. Jaime Pressly in DOA

5. Laura Prepon in Lay the Favorite

4. Kristen Novak in Cemetery Gates

3. Olivia Wilde in Butter

2. Kate Upton in The Other Women

1. Halle Berry in Swordfish

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Louder Than Bombs TIFF Report - Rachel Brosnahan Breasts

Early report from a screening at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Rachel Brosnahan is topless sitting on the edge of a bed after a sex scene with Jesse Eisenberg. Not a long scene, but you get a good look at her breasts straight on and from the side before she covers herself with a blanket. Very well lit. They are the best pair in the biz. Magnificent!

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Masters of Sex S03E09 - Emily Kinney Debut Nudity

On last nights episode Emily Kinney had her debut nude scene. You get a brief look at her ass as she is turning around and views of her breasts when she disrobes and is atop her partner in the scene.

Lizzy Caplan also showed breasts including during a sex scene.

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Ray Donovan S03E09 - Christy Williams

Christy Williams showed breasts and ass in last night's episode of Ray Donovan.

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Showtime on Hulu

Just a tidbit in this post. If you are interested in Showtime but don’t want to add the price to your cable/satellite bill or don’t have either I wanted to pass this along. The current cost is $8.99/month to add it to your Hulu account. You can then watch all of Showtime’s content on demand. It includes the ability to watch the live East and West coast feeds on Hulu as well.

New subscribers will get the free trial of Hulu and can get a free trial of Showtime. Current subscribers visit the Your Subscription section of your account. Then go to Manage Premium Add-Ons to add Showtime.

You can then access Showtime from a submenu in Hulu. This will be available on any device you currently stream Hulu from. The only thing you can't watch is the previously mentioned live television streams. In order to do that you need to do so through their website on a computer.

In general you can now subscribe to Showtime online without a cable/satellite subscription. The Hulu price is just discounted. $8.99 versus the normal $10.99.

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A Bigger Splash Nudity Report - Dakota Johnson Tilda Swinton

A Bigger Splash stars Dakota Johnson and Tilda Swinton and is currently screening at the Venice Film Festival. Recapped among others has an early report from the festival.

A little over an hour into A Bigger Splash, there is a distant shot of Dakota Johnson standing on some rocks full frontal naked. Dakota then proceeds to lie down and we get some more views of her breasts as the camera zooms in. Later on, Dakota is topless briefly while sitting in bed. Dakota also wears lots of see-through tops throughout the film.

Tilda Swinton is also naked quite a bit in this film but does not show full frontal nudity.

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Basketball Sized Boobs - Mr. Skin

This week we are featuring a killer playlist at Mr. Skin. If you like large breasted ladies than this is the one for you. Here's a small example of what you get. We've included some images of a few from this list after.

1. Alexandra Daddario in True Detectives Daddario first busts out her handcuffs and boobs before baring it all for Woody and all of us!

2. Kelly Brook in Survival Island Kelly sheds her suit top and heads out for a swim. When she heads back to shore she gives us a great view of tan tits!

3. Eva Amurri Martino in Californication Eva Amurri stuns as a stripper baring her huge rack for all to see!

4. Kelly Preston in Mischief A Mr. Skin classic, Kelly takes off her bra to give us a good look at her renowned rack!

5. Alice Eve in Crossing Over Alice leans back into bed to reveal her humongous cannons!

6. Jessica Pare in Hot Tub Time Machine Pare's perfect pair comes out to splash around in the hot tub!

7. Salma Hayek in Fria Hayek's awesome fun bags come out to play in this awesome lesbian scene with Karine Plantadit-Bageot!

8. Lake Bell in How to Make It in America Bell's outstanding rack is seen as she gets out of bed.

9. Kristen Dunst in Melancholia Kirsten lies down giving us a full frontal under a full moon!

Check out the rest of the Best Celeb Basketball Sized Boobs list at!

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Masters of Sex S03E08 - Caitlin Fitzgerald

Via Recapped

Caitlin FitzGerald is topless on Sunday’s Masters of Sex. There are also some uncredited naked dancers. For those of you who keep asking, Emily Kinney makes her first appearance and starts her sex surrogate training.

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Masters of Sex S03E07 - Lizzy Caplan Helene Yorke

Via Recapped

Lizzy Caplan is again topless briefly at the beginning of the next Masters of SexHeléne Yorke volunteers to be a sex surrogate and is also naked in this episode. And there are some other topless test subjects and dancers.

Masters of Sex airs tonight on Showtime tat 10 P.M. EST 

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