House of Cards S03E01 (Olivia Luccardi-Breasts)

Olivia Luccardi is topless in the first episode of House of Cards, which premiered on Netflix last night. She is playing a escort during a scene. While the lighting in the scene is generally dim, the light from a lamp is illuminating enough that her breasts and prominent nipples are visible. Earlier in the scene she is shown naked lying on her side in bed, but nothing is visible. This scene starts at around the 52:30 mark in the episode.

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Togetherness S01E06 (Amanda Peet-Breasts)

On tonight's episode of Togetherness at around the five-minute mark, Amanda Peet is topless in front of Peter Gallagher asking which top she should wear. The toplessness in the scene last quite a bit longer than the earlier episode in which she did nudity.

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Shameless S05E07 - (Emily Bergl-Breasts)

Via Recapped:

Oh and Emily Bergl flashes her breasts on the next episode of Shameless airing on the 1st of March.

The episode titled "Tell Me You F**king Need Me" airs March 1 on Showtime at 9pm. 

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Shameless S05E06 (Emmy Rossum-Breasts)


This Sunday’s Shameless brings us more Emmy Rossum nakedness. Emmy is first topless briefly as she is getting out of bed. There is then a sex scene which is similar to the one in the series premiere but there is no nudity. We then see Emmy’s breasts again as she is changing and then part of her ass from the side as she has sex.

P.S. Sasha Alexander will indeed be getting naked on Shameless next month


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Bosch S01E02 (Annie Wersching-Ass)

Annie Wersching shows her butt in the second episode of Bosch, which arrived on Amazon Prime Friday.  She is first shown in bed with Titus Welliver, but there is nothing visible. After she gets out of bed, she is shown fully from behind in a medium distance shot as she is facing towards the window of the night skyline.

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Fifty Shades of Grey (Dakota Johnson-Full Frontal and Ass)

Dakota Johnson shows all 3 B's in Fifty Shades of Grey, which premiered on Friday. Here is Mr. Skin's report:

While it was nice to see Dakota's leaked beach nudes, she goes the extra mile in this flick, baring all beginning at the 41-minute mark!

Jamie Dornan strips Dakota down, revealing some fantastic full frontal, and four minutes later, we get a nice look at her buns when she straddles him as he plays the piano! At the 47-minute mark, we get even more looks at all three of her b's as she bathes with him and then heads to the bed for more sex, but it's just past the one hour mark when things get really kinky!

At 1:02, he ties Dakota up and we get a nice look at her bush when he removes her undies! Then he takes off her sports bra and we get a great look at her breasts as her runs an ice cube over her nipples! There's even more nudity from her throughout the rest of the film, including a whipping scene at the 1:51-mark!



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The Americans S03E03 (Keri Russell-Ass)

Keri Russell did a terrific nude scene in last night's episode of The Americans. She is first shown wearing a towel. With her back to camera, she drops the towel showing the viewer a full shot of her back and butt from behind. Very well-lit and definitely her as she turns her head to look in the direction of the camera. There is one final shot of her butt as pulls a long top on.

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Togetherness S01E04 (Melanie Lynskey-Breasts)

Description not mine.

Several looks at Melanie's breasts about 10 minutes in. The scene cuts away, but returns around the 14 minute mark as she's having sex. More boobs and a full body view from the side (with her husband on top). Nice, but nothing that would actually count as full frontal.


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Black Sails S02E03 (Jessica Parker Kennedy-Right Breast from Side, Hannah New-Breasts)

Jessica Parker Kennedy was nude in two different scenes. In the first one, she briefly showed breasts while in a lesbian scene with Clara Paget. In the second scene, she was

shown fully nude from the side, but was wearing a merkin. Paget was also apparently nude in this scene, but appears to have used a body double.

Hannah New showed breasts, mostly from a side view, during a sex scene with Zach Mcgowan.


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Nude Streaming Pick - Killer Mermaid

image host

Nude Streaming Service - Netflix

Scene Location - 4:12

Nude Stars - Jelena Rakocevic

Jelena removes her top and throws it at her man. We then get a return shot full frame of her showing both her breasts. Quick partial breast shot while making out. Then we get a quick side view while she is trying to remove her mans pants when he walks away. A few more times through the duration of this scene we get side views of her breasts as well as full on views from the front. The scene runs a few minutes in length.

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