Nude Streaming Pick - Dark Touch

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Nude Streaming Service - Netflix

Scene Location - 1:22:57

Nude Stars - Marcella Plunkett

This is a different type of horror flick from the English. So the scene isn't sexy. Marcella's character and that of her husband are in a tub of blood being bathed by three kids. Marcella's breasts are both in full view above the blood for multiple shots during the scene.

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Mr. Skin Entourage Deal

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Entourage is infamous for the bevy of beauties that have been nude on the series over the years. The movie is currently in theaters delivering even more. We have teamed up for a special deal for a Mr. Skin membership in honor of the movie. Take advantage of this special offer which will grant access to the Entourage playlist with every nude scene ever from the series. In addition you get all the other goodies Mr. Skin has.

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The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe, Part 1 (Kelli Garner-Ass)

The first part of the the Lifetime miniseries, The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe contained some rear nudity in a couple of scenes from Kelli Garner (playing Marilyn). She shows her butt and quite a bit partial boobage while recreating the famous Playboy shoot. Since this aired on Lifetime, there is no nipple visible. Later on, she goes dipping in a pool and her butt is seen briefly again while she is in the water.

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Game of Thrones Season 5, Episode 7 (Rosabell Laurenti Sellers-Breasts)

At around the 42-minute of last night's episode of Game of Thrones, Rosabell Laurenti Sellers (portraying one of the Sand Snakes, Tyene) exposes her breasts to Bronn in order to make the poison she has given him take effect quicker. While the scene is well lit, the prison bars she is behind partially obscures the view. Earlier in the episode, Gilly (Hannah Murray) has a sex scene with Sam, but absolutely nothing is shown.

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Game of Thrones Season 5, Episode 5 (Charlotte Hope-Breasts and Ass, Brief Bush))

On last night's episode of Game of Thrones, Charlotte Hope had a nude scene at around the 22-minute mark. She shows breasts and ass while looking outside after her character had sex with Ramsay. There is even some brief bush shown as she struggles with Ramsay.

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Which Site Feature Would You Like to See? and Update

Netflix Nude Listing
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Throwback Thursday
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Total votes: 590

Apologies for the lack of updates to the site. Have been battling an illness think finally have under control this time around.

We've been thinking of a couple of new possible features for the site and would like some feedback if there is any interest in them.

The first one is a Netflix nude listing. This would be a list we continually update with movies featuring nudity on Netflix. These won't just be movies we have reviewed but if we have we will ink to the review on the list page.

2014 Babe of the Year Deal

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The 2014 Babe of the Year contest is winding down on our sister site. To celebrate the finalists we have arranged an amazing deal with Mr. Skin for visitors. As we know Mr. Skin has thousands upon thousands of actresses, movies and TV shows catalogued and updates daily with new content. Every finalists in the Babe of the Year contest has done nude scenes and Mr. Skin has them all. If you sign up now you can take advantage of an exclusive 7 day free trial offer.

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Bare (Dianna Agron-Breasts)

Bare premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival tonight and there is confirmation that Dianna Agron bared breasts multiple times during the movie while playing a stripper.

"How much Dianna nudity was there, if any? *asking the pervy/shallow questions*"

"I think there's like two scenes or three where you see her boobs there's an intense girl-girl sex scene.

"Yes there was nudity yes there was sex scenes yes Dianna cries yes Dianna strips on a pole yes yes yes"

"Yes, Dianna is topless and does a fairly explicit lesbian sex scene while so. As I've said, she looks beyond beautiful and perfect"

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Nude Streaming Pick - The Canal (Hannah Hoekstra - Breasts)

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Nude Streaming Service - Netflix

Scene Location - 16:50

Nude Stars - Maura Foley

This is a fairly quick and unsexy flashback scene. We see Maura's fully body nude through quick cuts but she is bloodies and all cut up from being murdered.

Scene Location - 21:37

Nude Stars - Hannah Hoekstra

Hannah's character is having sex on the floor. She is completely nude but we only see her right breast from the camera angle. The scene changes from her to her husband watching having caught her having an affair. We get multiple shots of her during the scene in the same position while having sex. Lasts around 30 seconds though it is flashed back to a couple of times later in the film.

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How is the Site Speed?

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Looking to see how the site is responding when you visit. We will utilize the data to see if we need better hardware in the future.