Marco Polo S01E01+E02 (Olivia Cheng-Full Frontal and Ass)

The complete first season of Netflix's new series Marco Polo premieres on December 12.  There is a quite a bit nudity from Canadian actress Olivia Cheng in the first two episodes, including what sounds like a very memorable scene in Episode 2.

Credit to MK from comments:

Episode 1
Olivia Cheng – Breasts while having sex 29 minutes in
Dozens of extras – Full frontal nude in a whorehouse orgy scene that comprises the last chunk of the episode.

Episode 2
Olivia Cheng – Breasts, butt, full frontal from many different angles during a nude fight scene at the 36 minute mark. Pretty fantastic!



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Salome and Wilde Salome (Jessica Chastain-Breasts)

Both Al Pacino's film "Salome" and the documentary about the film "Wilde Salome" were released Monday on DVD in the UK in a combined. Jessica Chastain is confirmed to be topless in both films.

From the comments at

"Just saw Salome and Wilde Salome. Identical version of key striptease scene in both. Scene about 3 mins long and VERY hot, with lots of writhing, belly dancing, etc. She goes topless for the final half of it. No lower half nudity."

Well it’s a striptease, so she takes her top off (several lingering and good shots of breasts) and then completes the dance. REALLY sexy. Unfortunately she covers up afterwards. It’s no more than you see in Jolene.

The BBFC Rating provides confirmation.


In a scene from the production, Salomé performs a sensual dance, during which she removes her top to reveal her breasts, which are visible as she writhes on the floor.



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Nude Streaming Pick - The Damned (Carolina Guerra - Breasts)

The Damned

Nude Streaming Service - Netflix

Scene Location - 59:05, 1:00:00

Nude Stars - Carolina Guerra

Carolina is in a rain drenched shirt that is unbuttoned. When she is pushed back into door frame we see her right breast briefly. We get a similar view when they cut back to these characters.

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The Affair S01E05 (Ruth Wilson-Breasts)


Another week, another nude scene from Ruth Wilson on Sunday’s episode of The Affair. This time you get a brief but decent view of Ruth’s breasts as she’s having oral sex performed on her. Ruth then continues to have a long conversation naked but you can’t really see anything until near the end when she sits up. Ruth has another sex scene at the end of the episode but it is really dark. Still, you can see maybe see Ruth’s left breast very briefly.

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The Affair S01E04 (Ruth Wilson-Brief Breasts)


Ruth Wilson is naked during a sex scene about half way through the episode. However, you only see glimpses of Ruth’s breasts. Ruth is nude during another sex scene at the end of the episode but she doesn’t really show anything.

The Affair airs on Showtime tonight at 10PM.


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The Town That Dreaded Sundown (Morganna May - Breasts)

the town that dreaded sundown

The Town That Dreaded Sundown(2014) is a remake of an older horror movie of the same name. Masked killer terrorizes town by killing mostly couples after sunset until the killings stop and the town moves on. A film of the true events is shown each year in the town. 66 years later. There's nothing really groundbreaking in this horror entrant but it is fairly well done. It's more of a throwback to the older style of horror films. Closer to the era of the Friday the 13th and other franchises of the time. Addison Timlim plays really well as the female lead that is this movies "Scream Queen". You feel for her and buy her character completely and that lends to the rest of the film working well. The movie is available on VOD platforms currently so you can rent it from your favorite one.

Nude Stars - Morganna May

Scene Location - 18:50

Morganna plays Kendra. This scene takes place just after she has picked up her returning soldier boyfriend from the airport. The scene opens with her riding her boyfriend and we see an overhead shot that doesn't show anything. She then turns around and we see her breasts head on. We get this shot for a few seconds before they finish. After sex we see her lying in bed with clear shots of both breasts. Then a bit more when she is standing and sitting in bed and then chased. Right around a 2 minute scene all told.

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Nude Streaming Pick - Mine Games (Lindsay Lamb Breasts)

Mine Games

Nude Streaming Service - Netflix

Scene Location - 19:00

Nude Stars - Lindsay Lamb

Lindsay is in bed about to engage in sex. We see her on top removing her bra giving us clear views of both breasts. We continue to see great shots of her breasts while she is in missionary then on top then being taken doggy style. In all we get a good half minute scene where her breasts are shown throughout. We also see a snippet of this scene again at the end of the film.

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Nude Streaming Pick - Cabin Fever: Patient Zero (Jillian Murray - Breasts)

cabin fever patient zero

Nude Streaming Service - Netflix

Scene Location - 23:20

Nude Stars - Jillian Murray

In shadows we see Jillian remove her bikini top. We get brief view of her left breast from the side. When she turns around and partially covers herself we see her breasts from the front and again her right breast in full profile view from the side. Very good views.

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The Knick S01E10 (Rachel Korine - Breasts)

Rachel Korine shows breasts in last nights season finale of The Knick on Cinemax. Right around the ten minute mark scene opens with her riding her john. We see her breasts bouncing for a second or two until they are interrupted. The views aren't very good in clarity. After her john is assaulted we get a straight on shot of Rachel standing with great views of both breasts. The season finale is available on Cinemax on demand service MAX GO.

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